Study ranks Kingston third most dangerous city to drive in across Ontario

Kingstonians may want to ensure they buckle up when in a vehicle after a recently-published study found the Limestone City among the top three most dangerous cities to drive in across the province. Photo via Wikimedia Commons.

Kingston has been rated the third most dangerous city to drive in in Ontario after a study by MyChoice, an insurance comparison site.

The case study, titled Top 10 Safest and Most Dangerous Cities for Driving in Ontario, drew from data collected from over 100,000 insurance quotes since 2020, including 2,274 accidents and 5,080 tickets, and offers a “revealing look” at the safest and most dangerous cities for drivers across the province, according to a release from the company.

Full Study Results: The Safest and Most Dangerous Cities for Driving in Ontario. Infographic via CNW Group/My Choice Financial, Inc.

Kingston ranked just below Ajax, but Brantford had the worst rank of cities across the province. According to the release, Brantford not only leads in the percentage of traffic tickets issued, but also in the number of accidents. On the other end of the spectrum, Toronto stands out as relatively safer for drivers, with a high score of 4.4 out of 5. This ranking is attributed to its lower rates of traffic violations and accidents, according to MyChoice, which publishes a variety of different studies around Canadian drivers and driving habits.

This most recent study employed a detailed methodology based on the weighted averages of accidents and infractions with a 70/30 importance ratio, creating a comprehensive scoring system from 0 to 5, a representative from MyChoice explained in an email to Kingstonist, noting that these results are crucial for a deeper understanding of traffic safety and driver behaviour throughout Ontario.

“This study sheds light on the disparities in driving conditions across Ontario and emphasizes the need for targeted improvements in road safety,” Aren Mirzaian, CEO of MyChoice, said in a statement.

MyChoice disclosed the following raw data, which was used for the study.

Per cent of drivers with infractions on record

  • BRANTFORD: 18.18%
  • HAMILTON: 13.38%
  • BARRIE: 13.09%
  • AJAX: 13.05%
  • BOLTON: 12.70%
  • KINGSTON: 12.58%
  • ST CATHARINES: 11.79%
  • WINDSOR: 10.39%
  • KITCHENER: 10.16%
  • BRAMPTON: 10.07%
  • ETOBICOKE: 8.10%
  • GUELPH: 8.53%
  • BRADFORD: 7.94%
  • WHITBY: 7.72%
  • NEPEAN: 7.01%
  • THORNHILL: 6.99%
  • MAPLE: 6.70%
  • RICHMOND HILL: 6.23%
  • NORTH YORK: 6.23%
  • TORONTO: 6.17%

Per cent of drivers with accidents on record

  • BRANTFORD: 15.15%
  • AJAX: 14.69%
  • KINGSTON: 13.84%
  • BURLINGTON: 13.49%
  • WINDSOR: 12.64%
  • BARRIE: 12.27%
  • BRAMPTON: 12.12%
  • HAMILTON: 11.92%
  • OAKVILLE: 11.73%
  • LONDON: 11.61%
  • MISSISSAUGA: 10.44%
  • SCARBOROUGH: 10.27%
  • THORNHILL: 10.22%
  • NEPEAN: 10.15%
  • GUELPH: 10.14%
  • ETOBICOKE: 9.26%
  • WHITBY: 8.13%
  • NORTH YORK: 7.65%
  • EAST YORK: 7.54%
  • TORONTO: 6.13%

MyChoice is a rate comparison resource that offers Canadians the lowest auto, home and life insurance rates, according to the release.

Kingston is also noted in another study regarding driving in the province regularly. While the city did not make CAA’s Top 10 Worst Roads list for Ontario this year, Queen Street in downtown Kingston did see the Limestone City named to that Top 10 list for 2022 and 2021. Kingston and Queen Street did get a mention, however, in CAA’s 2023 Top 10 Worst Roads list — the road was ranked third worst in the Top Five Worst Roads for Ontario’s eastern region.

2 thoughts on “Study ranks Kingston third most dangerous city to drive in across Ontario

  • The headline is wrong. There are seven cities ahead of Kingston on this dubious ranking system. The listing of infraction data is entirely dependent on local policing policies. For example, Toronto’s police were instructed during Mayor Rob Ford’s tenure to curtail policing of drivers and traffic infractions declined significantly. Such policies would have a major influence on such data. Also, attributing insurance quotes to driver safety is extremely unreliable. Insurance companies are profit-maximization organizations, not traffic safety advocates. If an industry study like this is published it ought to be placed under some scrutiny instead of being republished with a misleading headline and without independent comment, perhaps from Kingston Police’s Traffic Division, City of Kingston officials, auto industry and road safety experts at Queen’s, St. Lawrence, Government of Ontario or even driving instructors.

    • How do you get seven cities ahead of Kingston? Your other points are well taken.

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