Stabbing at Kingston McDonalds

Photo by Dominic Owens

At least five Kingston Police units and several Frontenac Paramedics ambulances responded to a report of a stabbing at McDonalds on Division St on Friday at around 6:30 p.m.

Witnesses say that prior to police arrival, several employees and some patrons hid from the suspect in the restaurant’s basement, while others exited the restaurant.

Once on scene, police quickly apprehended one male suspect. While some eyewitness reports initially stated that the victim was an employee at the restaurant, those reports were refuted by restaurant administration. Mary O’Neill Howlett, responsible for Human Resources at the local McDonalds franchise, confirmed that the stabbing was an incident involving two patrons. The victim was treated for unspecified injuries by Frontenac Paramedics and transported to hospital by police-escorted ambulance.

“I want to thank Dan and Sean for the outstanding job they did – fast acting and quick thinking to keep all employees and guests safe until police arrived,” said Howlett in a statement to staff obtained by Kingstonist. “We are very proud of all our staff and managers for how they handled the situation.”

The restaurant remained evacuated for several hours as the police investigation continued.

According to Howlett, the victim, who is not a Kingston resident, was released from hospital on Saturday.

8 thoughts on “Stabbing at Kingston McDonalds

  • Our quaint little city is very quickly changing for the worse.

  • Worked for McDonald’s for 30 years and never had something like this happen. What is happening to humanity. Why can’t we all just get along and stop hurting each other.

  • To those asking about what’s going on with our town or the people in it with all this bad news and hatred, I ask you about the Food Basics story. Just a few days we read a story about the Food Basics being unlocked and wide open on Family Day. Did the people of ” our town ” run to it in mobs and gut the place? Not a chance, we left money sitting at the tills for the products bought, not stolen. We only remember the negitive, it’s human nature.

  • I disagree with a previous comment as kingston has become extremely safer then it was 20years ago especially in that heights area. Police and the city have done incredible work to make it that way. If you live under a shell and believe this is the worst well I’m happy you are so naive.
    I’m happy no staff or other patrons were injured. Let’s hope it wasn’t an antagonized action and the person responsible was the apprehended suspect.
    Awesome work McDonald’s employees as well as the first responders who risk their lives daily for strenuous situations such as these.

  • This is a normal Friday night in Toronto. One freak occurrence isn’t something to panic about, you’ll be fine.

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