Snow Down

Snowmageddon, Winter storm, snow storm, blizzard, white out conditions, Kingston, OntarioIn the wee hours of the morning, nearly six inches of snow was dumped on much of the region.  While we’ve had a good run of mild weather over the past month or so, I for one am happy that Old Man Winter has finally decided to join the party.  When I crawled out of bed this morning, I wasn’t sure if the meteorological predictions would come true, but low and behold, everything was covered with a blanket of virgin snow, and a single trail of footprints could be seen on the sidewalk nearby.  It was the veritable definition of a winter wonderland, and understandably, for many people the aftermath left much to be desired.

The Limestone District School Board gave students and teachers an early festive treat, as they cancelled buses due too poor road conditions.  This undoubtedly left many parents stuck with having to arrange last minute child care, or call into work to use a personal day.  Those who were brave enough, or otherwise had no other choice but to challenge the elements, were faced with extra long commutes.  Those canvassed around my office reported more than double the normal drive time in all directions coming into the city.  As a pedestrian, I was left to trudge through sidewalks that had not been plowed, shovelled or otherwise, conquered.

Later on in the day, the conditions changed considerably.  Snow flurries turned to rain, which resulted in a dense snow pack.  This will make any shovelling you left to this evening extra fun for your back.  By tomorrow morning, there may not be much of the white stuff left over, however if temperature dip to what is expected, we could be faced with some dangerously icy conditions.  In light of Old Man Winter’s unpleasant arrival, the City of Kingston is reminding residents about some important snow removal, parking and safety tips.

  1. Keep your gas meters clear.
  2. Keep fire hydrants clear to make them visible to fire fighters in case of emergency.
  3. Be safe around snow plows.
  4. Place your garbage and recycling where it can be clearly seen and safely collected.
  5. Do not park overnight on City streets.
  6. Clear snow and ice from sidewalks (but don’t push snow on to the street).

Whether you wake up to a skating rink, or powder as high as your rooftop, remember to take it slow on the roads.  And if you’re sticking to the sidewalks, try to stay clear of the splash zone.   Special thanks to Mattman4698 for the photo of the truly grotesque snow monster.

Clear snow and ice from sidewalks (but don’t push snow on to the street).

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