‘Slow-roll’ convoy blocked by counter-protesters in Kingston

A slow-rolling convoy of protesters against public health mandates wound its way through Kingston on Saturday, Feb. 12, 2022, but was thwarted from passing by its intended destination, Kingston City Hall, by a group of counter-protesters.

The convoy of about 60 to 75 passenger vehicles gathered at the car park on Highway 38 shortly before 1 p.m., and began its circuitous route through Kingston, down Gardiners Road, Bath Road, Portsmouth Avenue, King Street, and Sir John A Macdonald Boulevard, before getting onto Princess Street and making its way towards the downtown area. Small groups of counter-protesters temporarily blocked the convoy’s path at various points along the route.

A cyclist blocks the slow-roll convoy as it makes its way onto Sir John A Macdonald Boulevard from Bath Road. Photo via Connor Fitzpatrick.

Meanwhile, in front of City Hall on Ontario Street, two large groups of about equal size gathered on separate sides of the street – on the west side of the road, mostly supporters of the convoy, and on the east side, mostly counter-protesters. A few dozen police officers from Kingston Police, as well as assisting officers from Brockville Police, Smiths Falls Police, and Belleville Police Services were on scene to maintain the peace.

Protesters and counter-protesters lined both sides of Ontario Street in front of City Hall before the roadway was closed.

As the slow-rolling convoy approached City Hall, counter-protesters began to block the roadway, moving wooden barricades onto the street to stop vehicles from crossing. Initially, police officers removed the barricades but, shortly thereafter, opted to re-erect the barricades on the roadway to keep the counter-protesters and vehicle convoy separate. After a stand-off of a few minutes, the lead convoy vehicle reversed and, giving a prolonged honk, rerouted the convoy onto Brock Street.

Counter-protesters in front of City Hall.

The convoy circled around Brock Street, Market Street, Princess Street and Ontario Street a few times before dispersing. Ontario Street was reopened to traffic by about 3:30 p.m. More to come.

8 thoughts on “‘Slow-roll’ convoy blocked by counter-protesters in Kingston

  • I wish I knew this resistance was happening, I would have been there! The anti-semites, white supremacists bought and paid for this ‘truckin’ convoy. These people are vermin. They spread lies, they believe lies. They are anti-democratic. Speak up, now!

  • I totally agree with John, I can’t believe we have so many people stupid enough to believe that garbage!

  • Protestors blocking traffic should be fined, and/or arrested if they do not desist. I am mainly concerned about the ILLEGAL blocking of borders, bridges, and city streets. If you or I tried to block traffic, that would be our fate. Police should do their jobs and not be paid to just stand there looking helpless.

  • I feel very proud of the Kingston anti-convoy protesters. It’s good that they represent the ‘silent’ majority and they must be cheered for their efforts. Many thanks!

    • Many thanks anti-convoy protesters for making known, another point of view.

  • It wasn’t much of a convoy really, mostly mini-vans and nothing bigger than a pickup. It was fun to watch them back up and honk their way out of town after they realized the citizens of Kingston wouldn’t let them near City Hall.

  • Thank you to the Kingston counter protesters!!! I should have been with you but my anxiety goes through the roof dealing with these so called ‘ freedom fighters”
    So many freedoms that truly are in need of protecting…

  • If I had known about the counter protest, I would have been there! Kingston became an example for all of Canada.

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