Say goodbye to winter (tires) with Gan Chev

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With these longer days and warmer temperatures, it’s safe to say that spring is finally here. And for motorists, that means it’s time to put those winter tires away for the season.

Gan Chev is ready to help you have a safe summer season with summer tires and tire switchover packages to keep you driving safe all year long.

But what’s the difference between “All Season,” “Summer,” and “Winter” tires?

According to Mike Kellam, Operations Manager at Gan Chev, Winter, Summer and All Season tires all have different qualities which make them uniquely-suited to the job that they are designed to do:

  • Summer tires have a finer tread pattern and are made of a compound that becomes sticker when heated up. This allows for excellent summertime and sport driving traction.
  • Winter tires are the opposite. Since they are designed to work on snow-covered roads, they are made from a compound which is very soft and sticky all the time. This material, combined with larger, more pronounced tread patterns, allows for excellent traction in snow and bad weather.
  • All season tires are designed as a blend with both summer and winter capabilities. They may have varying tread patterns across the tire, and are made from a compound that is less affected by both heat and cold.

“While all-season tires do have year-round capability, it also means that these tires aren’t the best at anything. They do provide adequate performance for most driving conditions, and avoid the cost of an entire second set of tires and rims,” Kellam noted.

The experts at Gan Chev recommend switching out winter tires for summer ones when temperatures stay above 7 C, and caution about driving with winter tires in the warmer weather. According to Kellam, winter tires will wear much faster in warm weather because of the softness of the material they’re made of.

Seasonal tire changes are also a great time to have a full vehicle inspection. The inspection can identify possible issues that could turn up while drivers are on the road.

“In terms of maintenance, for your tires specifically, every second season, we recommend a balance for tires that are already mounted to ensure they have no vibrations,” said Kellam. “For all tire changes, we recommend an alignment inspection, so that tires do not wear improperly or prematurely.”

Need new summer tires? Gan Chev has you covered. Right now, drivers can save $250 on a set of tires when they use a GM VISA.

Don’t have a GM card? No problem! Gan Chev staff can help you apply for one at the dealership, and charge your tires to it before it arrives, with no wait time.

With tire switchover packages, off-season storage, and a tire price match guarantee, Gan Chev is ready to keep you driving safely all year long. Call the Gan Chev Service Department at 613-382-8500, or schedule an appointment online, and drive confidently this summer.

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