Runway lighting at Kingston Airport repaired, expansion work continues

A rendering of the airport expansion project at Kingston Norman Rogers Airport. Image from the City of Kingston.

Edge lighting along the north-south runway at Kingston Airport has been repaired.

“This means flights will not be delayed or cancelled as a result of edge lighting outages along runway 01-19 at the Kingston Airport,” says Rick Reed, manager of Kingston Airport.
Last Friday, management at Kingston Airport learned that cables supplying electricity to these lights were damaged as a result of on-going work to extend the main north-south runway. “This cut power to the lights, which pilots require to take-off and land safely during early morning and late night flights,” explains Reed. Upon learning of the outage, Kingston Airport immediately issued a notice (called a NOTAM) that airlines receive and respond to accordingly. Kingston Airport was able to revoke that notice today once the existing lighting was reinstated.
As work continues to transform Kingston Airport into a modern travel hub – including improving the terminal building and extending the main runway to accommodate flights to more destinations in the future – so do efforts to keep the airport operational.
“Airports are busy places to start with. Having on-going construction added to the mix can create challenges. We do our best to anticipate these challenges, but, as anyone who has renovated can appreciate, situations come up and we need to respond to them in the moment,” says Reed.
Reed also advises travellers always check with their airline to ensure their flight is on schedule. “Airlines will have the most up-to-date information regarding the status of flights,” he says.
Paving of the north runway extension will start on Friday this week, and the public is reminded that the north-south runway will be closed for a two-week period starting Monday, Oct. 15. This closure has been planned to allow for work on the main runway, including: paving, application of new pavement markings, as well as installation of all-new electrical cabling and energy efficient lighting. During this time, the secondary, east-west runway will remain fully open.
“We thank Kingston residents and travellers for bearing with us as we balance the need to provide on-going services with building an airport to better serve the region for years to come,” says Reed.
Baggage Claim at Kingston Norman Rogers Airport.

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