Rex undergoes spinal surgery thanks to Kingston Animal Rescue

Rex underwent surgery for a slipped disc earlier this month. Kingston Animal Rescue is fundraising to cover the costs. Image provided by KAR.

Last summer, Kingston Animal Rescue rescued a German Shepherd from euthanasia at a non-local shelter. Earlier this month, Rex had to undergo surgery for a disc compression.

The costs for the surgery and associated tests were nearly $10,000, and now the organization is asking for help to recoup those costs.

Rex came into the care of Kingston Animal Rescue (KAR) in June 2020, according to a release from the organization. At the shelter, Rex suffered seizures, which are now well controlled with medication. The organization said Rex also suffers from Irritable Bowel Syndrome, which requires prescription food and medication.

Kingston Animal Rescue is a no-kill animal rescue group that rescues and finds forever homes for animals in need. They use a network of foster homes, and primarily take in last chance animals – those at risk of euthanasia or who would otherwise be at risk without intervention.

The organization said over the last few months Rex began to face a much more serious challenge as he began to struggle with his hind legs. At times, he could not move them properly, they would seize up, and he would drag his back feet until they were bloody, according to the release.

A disc compression (“slipped disc”) was suspected but can only be diagnosed by MRI, a specialized and expensive procedure.

Rex underwent an MRI on Monday March 1 – at a cost of $3,480.57 – which revealed a “markedly compressive right-sided L1-L2 intervertebral disc herniation,” KAR said. On Thursday March 4, Rex had surgery to correct the compression.

He is currently hospitalized at a specialized veterinary clinic recovering from the intensive procedure.

Rex, the rescued German Shepherd. Image provided by KAR.

The surgery and associated costs are estimated to be $6,500, bringing the total of Rex’s medical care to nearly $10,000. Kingston Animal Rescue, a registered charity, is fundraising to cover the cost of the procedures. To date, $4,350 has been donated towards Rex’s care, the organization said.

Rex isn’t the only Kingston Animal Rescue dog to need a specialized surgery. Jackson, a Dalmatian rescued in November 2020, requires Tibial Plateau Leveling Osteotomy (TPLO) surgery to correct a torn cranial cruciate ligament in one of his back legs, the organization said in the release.

KAR said this injury prevents Jackson from bearing weight on the leg and the corrective surgery is estimated at $4,500.

Donations can be made on Kingston Animal Rescue’s website:

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