Reported wait times at Kingston area polls on Election Day 2021

Photo by Tommy Vallier.

Monday, Sept 20, 2021 was election day and Kingstonians largely benefited from short line-ups at poll stations, with two notable exceptions. We compiled a list of polling locations and their wait times, as reported by our readers and followers throughout the day, and most voters reported wait times under 5 at polling stations throughout the city.

Significant delay times were reported, however, at the MacGillivray-Brown Hall polling station on Barrie St, and the St. Luke’s Anglican Church polling station on Nelson St. For most of the day, these polling stations, which served a largely post-secondary student population, saw wait times of over two hours.

By 11:30 P.M., two hours after polls had ostensibly closed, both polling stations still had significant line-ups of residents waiting to vote – 75 at St. Luke’s Church and about 40 at MacGillivray-Brown Hall.. Staffers at the polling station estimated that voting would be complete at these stations at some point between midnight and 1 A.M. At St. Luke’s Church, most exiting voters indicated that they had been in line for over three hours, while at MacGillivray-Brown, staffers estimated wait times to be about 2.5 hours.

Average wait times from the various polling stations, as reported to us by residents, were as follows:

Last updated at 11:30 p.m.

Polling locationWait time
416 Wing (Kingston Airport)5 mins
Ambassador Hotel<5 mins
Amherstview Library<5 mins
Artillery Park<5 mins
Bath Road Baptist Church20-30 mins
Bayridge Alliance Church<5 mins
Calvin Park branch of KFPL50 mins
Harrowsmith Free Methodist Church<5 mins
Harold Harvey Arena<5 mins
Howe Island20-30 mins
Invista Centre5 mins
Kingscourt Avenue<10 mins
Kingston Centre<5 mins
Kingston Gospel Temple<5 mins
Kingston Shriners Club20 mins
Leon’s Centre10 mins
Leroy Grant<5 mins
MacGillivray-Brown Hall, Queen’s University2.5 hours
Montreal Street Legion<5 mins
Napanee Golf and CC20 mins
Newburgh polling station10-15 mins
Our Lady of Lourdes5 mins
Portuguese Hall<5 mins
Salvation Army, Weller Ave<5 mins
St. Mark’s, Barriefield<5 mins
St. Paul the Apostle15-20 mins
St. Peter’s Anglican Church<5 mins
St. Luke’s Anglican Church3 hours
Storrington Lions Hall Sunbury<5 mins
Thompson Drill Hall<5 mins
W J Henderson Recreation Centre45 mins
Yarker15 mins
Zorbas15-20 mins

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  • At 8:30 PM the wait time at St Mark’s Lutheran (Victoria & Earl) is at least 1.5 hours. Hope the Elections Canada staff know that those in line at 9:30 are entitled to vote.

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