Rear-ending another vehicle in drive-thru results in arrest of impaired driver

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It wasn’t severe hunger or impatience that caused a driver to rear-end another vehicle while waiting in line at a downtown drive-thru, but rather being impaired by alcohol, according to Kingston Police.

At approximately 7:55 p.m. on Tuesday, Nov. 13, 2019, a male driver attended the drive-thru at the McDonald’s location on Princess Street downtown. According to police the driver was waiting in a line of cars when the vehicle he was driving struck the back of the car in front of him. When it happened a second time, the driver of the car which had been hit exited his vehicle to speak with the accused driver. The accused driver refused to open his window to speak with the other driver, and made “belligerent hand gestures” towards the victim, police said.

Police were contacted and, upon arrival, responding officers observed the accused man’s vehicle strike the car in front of him for a third time. Police spoke to the accused man, and made observations he was impaired by alcohol. The accused was subsequently arrested and transported to Kingston Police Headquarters, where he provided two breath samples. Police found the accused man to have approximately three times the legal limit of alcohol in his system.

The 28-year-old Kingston man was charged with impaired operation of a conveyance (vehicle), and impaired operation of a conveyance while exceeding the legal blood alcohol concentration. His driver’s licence was automatically suspended for 90 days, and he will face a one-year suspension if convicted. Additionally, the accused man’s vehicle was impounded for seven days, and the accused will be responsible for all related fees and fines.

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  • Good Glad they caught him before he killed someone

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