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Health Care in KingstonMy Grandmother ended up in the hospital this past weekend thanks to yet another nasty slip and fall. While she’s on the road to recovery, I couldn’t help but reflect on how strange the hospital experience was.  Thankfully I’ve managed to stay out of Emerg, but sadly the same cannot be said for my wife. Her previous fiasco involving Burlington’s Emerg was less than positive, as ridiculously long wait times made for a frustrating experience.  While my time spent dealing with our local health care system is minimal, this weeks poll draws on your experience, good, bad and otherwise, and asks:
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Danielle’s most recent visit to KGH was outstanding, thanks to the extremely personal care offered by the lobby attendant, nurse and physician. They all went the extra mile to make her more comfortable, but that experience is not consistent with stories shared by my peers involving walk in clinics, doctor’s office, and delivery rooms. There are so many variables involved in this week’s open-ended poll question, from the quality of local facilities to wait times, accuracy of diagnosis, prevalence of super bugs, to the above mentioned personal touches. What factors from your past experiences with KGH, Hotel Dieu, KFL&A Public Health etc… influence your response to this week’s poll question?

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2 thoughts on “Rating Kingston Health Care Sysmte

  • My only real experience of the health care system here so far has been with the birth of our son. And I'll put it very simply – both my wife and my son might not have survived the experience were it not for the superb staff of the KGH, spotting and dealing with a potentially very serious last minute problem. The anaesthetist in particular was a model of how a doctor should behave – explaining everything very carefully without being patronising and then doing the epidural in a couple of relatively pain-free seconds. Sure, KGH is not shiny and glamorous but the staff were friendly and the people knew what they were doing. The only thing that wasn't great was the food (and that's about to get worse) – but that's pretty much the same with every hospital I have ever been to.

  • my health took an unexpected turn for the worse this summer; KGH's Urgent Patient Care and Cardiology departments were there for me with next to no wait times

    I had my first Coronary Angiogram yesterday; like David's experience they walked me through the procedure, the Cardiologist told me what he found and I was out the door in just four hours along with follow-up steps for home and specialists to see at both HDH and KGH / the last face I saw in there was an RN assisting me in the recovery room to ensure I can walk and their was no internal/external bleeding – I was so overwhelmed with joy that I'd be going home and feeling better I hugged her

    I'm typing this from the comfort of home, recovering, fully breathing on my own; this time last week I felt the end was near or at best become a long-term patient

    something important to me that may fly under the radar with others is the high level of compassion I received as well as watching it over the years with aging family members

    talking with my mom and her circle of friends who know others, you may notice more and more seniors in the Greater Kingston Area. Yes, many people who grew up here stay here but I was intrigued to learn this is a retirement destination for the level of medical care including specialty services for geriatric medicine and cancer treatment

    I can't say enough good about the health care system that's right here in our own backyard

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