How the Postal Disruption Could Impact Kingston

Postal Strike, mail carriers, back to work legislationAfter 12 days of rotating strikes that disrupted postal services in Toronto and Montreal, Canada Post workers were locked out by management, effectively crippling mail delivery across the country.  The screeching halt of mail trucks was heard on Parliament Hill, where the Conservative majority decided that it was in Canada’s best interest to intervene and push through back-to-work legislation.  Thankfully this was met by some solid opposition, resulting in a 58 hour filibuster, the longest in Canadian history, which ended on Saturday night.  With Canada Post expected to get back on to work by Tuesday, for far less than what management had originally offered, this week’s poll question asks:

Did the disruption to Canada Post's services negatively affect you?

  • Somewhat, but nothing I couldn't handle. (41%, 51 Votes)
  • No. I do everything online. (35%, 44 Votes)
  • Yes. I have lots of unpaid/unsent bills. (20%, 25 Votes)
  • Something else entirely. (3%, 4 Votes)

Total Voters: 124

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For our household, the postal disruption had little to no impact. We don’t rely on Canada Post to deliver many cheques, save for what Grandma puts in birthday cards, while the few magazine subscriptions we have aren’t vital in the age of online, interactive media. The biggest pain was not receiving bills, as we have yet to take the plunge and automate monthly payment for things such at cable, utilities and credit cards. This was remedied in less than 5 minutes of phone calls, and in the end it has nudged us closer to taking the plunge and setting up automatic payments, or at least trialling it out.  Sure I’m glad Canada Post is getting back to work, but at what cost?  Government legislation in these types of cases is an asset when we’re talking about essential services, but this sets a precedent that could hinder future negotiations between labour and management.  It also brings up the touchy question as to whether or not Canada Post is an essential service.

Please drop off your experience during the postal strike, as well as your thoughts on filibustering, and legislation versus negotiation.



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