Where in Kingston – Solved!

Pollution sculpture Kingston
I’m pleased to announce that Hiero has brought Kingstonist’s “Where in Kingston” question to a glorious end, by correctly identifying our pixelated representations of “Pollution”, a sculpture located in the waterfront park across from Kingston General Hospital . In case this is your first introduction to this piece of public art, Pollution was unveiled in the ’70’s, and was not well received by the public. Stories of public backlash and re-beautification of Pollution include one incident where enraged citizens took it upon themselves to paint the sculpture so that it resembled a pop can. In any case, Hiero’s keen eye has won him a pair of tickets to see the KSO perform their holiday concert at St. George’s Cathedral on December 17th. Until next time (and yes, we’ll be running another “Where in Kingston” contest in the New Year), keep reading, and please keep those comments coming.

Harvey Kirkpatrick

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