POLL: Kingston’s best late-night bar

A night on the town. Girls night out. Boys night out. A staff or holiday party. Whatever reason you have for staying out late for a drink or two, Kingston has plenty of options!

When it comes to nightlife, we have pubs, dance clubs, late-night eats, an arcade, a pool hall, live music, and a lot more (yes, even THAT place). Maybe you prefer to stay in what has become known as The Hub, which is unofficially the block of Princess Street between Division and Barrie, but is actually the name of the company (The Hub Group) that owns Stages, Ale House, Grizzly Grill, and The Brass, four of the fixtures in that block. This area tends to be student-dominated, but running into townies at Tommy’s or The Grizz shouldn’t be unexpected. 

For those who prefer to stay close to campus, Queen’s University offers Clark Hall Pub, The Underground, and The Grad Club.  

In the heart of downtown by the water is where you’ll find the biggest concentration of nightspots: OG pubs like The Toucan, Kingston Brewing Company and The Pilot House feel like as much a part of Kingston as City Hall or Fort Henry, plus there’s often live music at Musiikki or The RCHA Club. 

For west-enders that prefer to stay close to home, there are landmarks like Raxx and The Loyal Oarsman, along with newer spots like Red House West and Little Texas. In the east end, as far as we know, you’re gonna have to head across the causeway to find anything open past 11 p.m.

We think we’ve compiled a complete list of restaurants and bars in Kingston that stay open at least until midnight. If we missed one, please let us know! Otherwise, vote for your favourite and get your friends to do the same. We’d like to joke that the winning establishment will buy a round for everyone that votes for them, but that would get us in trouble with both the bar itself and the AGCO, so we won’t make that joke.

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6 thoughts on “POLL: Kingston’s best late-night bar

  • Tommy’s is great if you want to buy Pepsi and HGH. It’s a who’s who of white trash. Brass is 100x better

  • Barcadia is only open ‘late night’ twice a week. I don’t think it really classifies as a ‘late night spot’ my friend and I we’re discouraged from playing games one night at 10:45 because they were closing up.

  • Rose and Crown doesn’t qualify, but it’s pretty fun to be there on Wednesday nights.

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