Poll: Who will get your vote in the 2019 Federal Election?

We’re now in October, which means the 2019 Federal Election is fast approaching!

Here in Kingston and the Islands, we have five candidates running to represent our district. Those candidates (with links to our profiles on each of them) are:

Since the writ dropped, this election has been full of hot-button topics, both disagreements and agreements between parties, and, of course, the mudslinging that seems to come with any election. In Kingston, the clashing of ideology hasn’t led to the same smear campaigns we’re seeing from the leadership candidates, but we’ve got our own fair share of opposing views.

So what do you think, Kingston? Let us know in our very informal, unscientific poll!

Editor’s note: while this is not a formal or scientific poll, we do our best to ensure it is an accurate and fair reflection of our community’s opinion. As such, vote IP addresses are reviewed and must be verifiably from the Kingston and Island area. Votes made through IP addresses which do not appear to be legitimately local (ie. done through proxy servers) or any other means meant to skew the poll results will be disqualified.

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16 thoughts on “Poll: Who will get your vote in the 2019 Federal Election?

    • Hi Jane,

      Thank you for your support!
      If you’d like a lawn sign or to get involved in the campaign you can reach out to us at [email protected]

    • Good for you Jane – a Conservative and NDP couple who also took the time to actually read and watch the true information about the party’s platform. We’re PPC all the way. We understand that reduction of any quota-based system does not mean ANTI.

      I hope we realize, that if we ever reduce the number of barrels of oil we import from the US, we’re suddenly all prejudice anti-Americans and snowbound polar bear racists…

      If a breed of chicken starts laying twice the number of eggs, so we meet our needs with half as many, we must be “meat supremacist” to farm only half…

      This is the logic behind the misinformation spread about the PPC. It’s as ridiculous as the people who blindly believe it from someone else who was too lazy to take the time to do their own research. Easy to do… easier not to, which seems to be more and more the Canadian way. Sad because nobody “wins” anything when their views are based on other’s ignorance…

  • Barrington is such a kind, intelligent professor. He would represent our city so well. I hope people are willing to vote their values and not just out of fear.

      • Fear of the Conservatives, which the Liberals are playing heavily upon to bully NDP and Green voters to their own side and get themselves re-elected.

      • lol – what an asinine response. Probably because she’s taken the time to actually read and watch what their platform is about… unlike the lazy uniformed who found it easier to let their nose ring take them down the obvious media/mud-slinging opinion bloggers who throw out words like racist and anti-everything to appeal to the lowest common denominator. Hope you got your group badge…

  • We have very good candidates across the board and I’m sure whoever gets in will try to do their best to represent us.

    The problem I see is that NDP and the Green Party don’t stand a chance overall so should one of them be elected in Kingston there won’t be any cooperation or federal money for Kingston. Much like the NDP MPP we currently have, he can’t get anything done for Kingston when we have a conservative government, if he stands up and says anything, the other MPP’s will simply laugh.

    If we vote Liberal, our children, our grandchildren and our great grandchildren will be paying for our debt, we simply cannot continue to spend the way we are.

    When we have a downturn in the market (it isn’t a matter of if, it is a matter of when) the government will have to spend even more to bolster the economy, right now the Liberals are looking at an over 80 Billion deficit over the next 4 years. That’s just not acceptable to me.

    The only conclusion I can sensibly come to is to vote conservative. There may be cuts and there may be short term pain but it will be for long term gain.

    • Hi Mark,

      The conservative party has no plan for balancing our budget in the next Parliament. A balanced budget is essential for the fiscal health of our country. Only the People’s Party of Canada has a plan to balance the budget and will do so in 2 years.

      The People’s Party will maintain and improve the services you need and expect by cutting unaccountable foreign aid and cronyism to big business. The People’s Party will correct the injustices done to our veterans and First Nations.

      The conservative candidate in Kingston & the Islands does not live in the riding. He claims to be a good businessman but has several court actions against him for not paying his bills. He will vote to close the prison farm, vote to recriminalize pot, and there are significant other questions surrounding his past that will soon come to light.

      A People’s Party MP will likely have significant sway in what is likely to be a minority parliament.

    • My issue with voting conservative is that we don’t get a fiscally conservative government. We are seeing this with the provincial Conservatives and have seen it before with the federal Conservatives. They cut programs, but end up with balance sheets as bad or worse than other parties. If they were fiscally conservative and actually progressive, then maybe I’d be able to agree with you.

    • The provincial Conservatives have already run up a higher deficit than the previous Liberal government. The federal Conservatives are responsible for more than half the national debt but only held office less than a third of the time over the past 50 years.

      It is not sensible to conclude Conservatives are fiscally responsible – it is a gross error.

  • The Climate Emergency is real. That’s what I want addressed for my children and potential future grandchildren (although I realize that the future world might be so dismal that my children might make the choice to not have children). I will likely vote green or NDP, but I do support Mark Gerresten’s stance on the environment. He has young kids too & get’s what the future might be like for them.

    Worries about tax cuts and the like won’t matter much if we don’t have the right or the ability to breathe clean air, drink clean water and eat healthy food in a safe local environment.

    I wish we could be a little more forward thinking with our priorities.

  • Are there any in-person candidate events in Kingston? Like an all-candidates meeting? All the news seems to be focuses on the leaders and people expelled from parties for explicit bigotry.

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