In Pursuit of Justice for Countryside

Kingston, OntarioHorace Rumpole of the Bailey inspired a light-hearted approach to 2017. Rumpole is often seen embracing and defending the figure of Justice. Since the 16th Century she is usually shown blindfolded to ensure impartiality, holding a sword and scales.

As with Rumpole, I applaud our mayor as he continues to ensure that Justice is both done and seen to be done.  The appointment of an Integrity Commissioner was an excellent example and no doubt the proper selection of a successor to Richard Allen will follow.

Mike Cole-Hamilton

Mike and Jane Cole-Hamilton came to Canada in 1975, the best move they ever made. They were drawn to Kingston by camping holidays at Landon Bay, family picnics at Jones Falls and two children at Queen’s. From 1998 until recently, they lived in the house they designed and built near Whitefish Lake, they are now in downtown Kingston. Learn more about Mike...

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