A letter to political hopefuls

Election signs for three different candidates running in the 2019 federal election in Kingston and the Islands stand on neighbouring yards.

Dear Aspiring Politician,

As the spouse of a Liberal supporter, I have a few things to say to those of you on the campaign trail.

In my home there are two voters, myself and my husband. That means there are two opinions you may be able to sway.

Personally, I like getting the fliers and information pieces the various political parties use to propagandize the public. It’s an easy way to see — at a glance — which party or candidate aligns most closely with my beliefs. If I like your flyer, I will look further into your campaign.

On my lawn is a garish Mark Gerretsen sign. I have no particular affiliation to Mark or the Liberal party. My husband does, and so the sign is placed on our lawn every election year.

As a result, I get ZERO pamphlets or fliers for other parties and candidates.

I cannot possibly be the only resident of a home in the Kingston area who is frustrated by this. I want you to educate me (and whomever else may live in a home with a sign on the lawn) on your platform. Just because one person in a home already has an affiliation does not mean everyone in that home has made up their mind.

To be honest, though, I am never home. And frankly I don’t actually want to talk to anyone (that’s my introverted nature). But I do want to be educated about your party and your platform.

Please leave your materials in my mailbox. I do look at them. I want to hear from all the parties so I can make an informed decision.


The spouse of someone with strong political opinions

Jessica is a busy working mom and writer who enjoys covering local interest stories. Contact her through her website A Modern Mom’s Life if you have a story to be shared.  She loves living, working, and playing in Kingston.  You can see what she gets up to with her family on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!

3 thoughts on “A letter to political hopefuls

  • Very true! I received one phone call from the Liberals just after the writ was dropped. I said, “I vote NDP.” and the phone went dead. I don’t really want to learn how the Liberals justify their existence though. Nor do I want to hear from the Conservatives or the Greens. Dear OP, look it up on line if you really care about the party’s background and stance on issues. .

  • Exactly what an informed voter wants to know. Not every couple votes for the same party.

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