Police chief presents collision report for 2023

A Kingston Police officer takes photos at the scene of a collision on Rideau Street in April 2023. Kingstonist file photo.

The total number of motor vehicle collisions reported in the city of Kingston in 2023 was 3,068, a 7.5 per cent increase over 2022’s figure of 2,855.

This is just one piece of data provided in the Collision Report for 2023, which Chief of Police Scott Fraser published in advance of the Thursday, Feb. 15, 2024, meeting of the Kingston Police Services Board. The report was compiled and provided by Accident Support Services International Ltd., according to the documents.

Table via Kingston Police 2023 Collision Report to the Kingston Police Services Board.

Police were in attendance at 1,178 (38.4 per cent) of the collisions, while 1,889 (61.6 per cent) were self-reported.

Out of the total 5,077 vehicles involved in collisions last year, 4,213 (83 per cent) were able to be driven away without a tow truck. A total of 2,208 people were involved in those collisions in some way, and 5.6 per cent of them reported injuries, less than one percent fewer than in 2022.

On Highway 401, based on the Motor Vehicle Act Regulations (MVAR) classification of collisions, there were 1,176 total collisions, 34 fewer than the previous year. Those accidents resulted in four fatalities and 219 non-fatal injuries reported. Of those collisions, 118 were listed as “PD Only” which refers to collisions involving property damage only, no injuries. 

Somewhat surprisingly, the vast majority of collisions in 2023 occurred in clear environmental conditions.

Table via Kingston Police 2023 Collision Report to the Kingston Police Services Board.

Pedestrians were involved in 51 collisions last year. Of those, 11 incidents occurred in parking lots, while 19 occurred at intersections or were intersection-related. In those incidents, 21 of the drivers were deemed to have been safely and properly operating their vehicles, while 16 collisions were due to drivers failing to yield the right of way. A total of 45 pedestrians were non-fatally injured, and there was one fatal injury.

Cyclists were involved in 21 collisions last year, one of which was fatal. Nine of the 21 collisions involving cyclists (almost 43 per cent) happened in September and October.

A total of 35 of the collisions involved alcohol and/or drugs. Two drivers said they had been drinking; five had a blood alcohol level under .08 and were ability impaired; 27 had a blood alcohol level over .08 and were ability impaired; and one had their ability impaired by drugs.

Top intersections for collision in Kingston in 2023

The intersection of Bath Road and Sir John A. Macdonald Boulevard was the most dangerous intersection for collisions, with 31 incidents at that intersection in 2023, one of which involved injuries. 

The Midland Avenue and Princess Street intersection was next, with 29 incidents and one injury, followed by he intersection of Bath and Gardiners Roads, which also had 29 incidents, but without injuries.

The Gardiners Road and Princess Street intersection had 28 incidents, with six involving injuries.

Collisions that occurred throughout 2023 correlated by the time of day at which they occurred. Table via Kingston Police 2023 Collision Report to the Kingston Police Services Board.

For more on collision trends in the city, the report can be viewed in full here by the public. It is being submitted to the Kingston Police Services Board for information only.

The next meeting of the Kingston Police Services Board will be held on Thursday, Feb. 15, 2024 at 12:30 p.m. in the William Hackett Boardroom at Kingston Police Headquarters, located at 705 Division Street.

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  • Looks as though most accidents occur at intersections controlled by traffic lights.

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