Peter Milliken Moves On

Peter Milliken, Kingston and The Islands, MP, Member of Parliament, Speaker of the House, Liberal PartyPeter Milliken has dutifully served as Kingston and the Islands’ Member of Parliament for 22 years, while the last 9 years he’s enjoyed the chair of the Speaker of the House of Commons.  Despite his busy schedule, Milliken is an integral part of the local community and he makes frequent trips back to the Limestone City to participate in everything from Remembrance Day to ribbon cutting ceremonies.  During an event at his home this past weekend, Milliken confirmed suspicions by officially announcing that he would not seek re-election.  His decision to move on  leaves a big question mark next to the federal seat for Kingston and the Islands. That said, I suppose that from a candidates point of view, Milliken’s decision is welcomed simply because he could not be beat.  While speculation as to who will succeed him as the Liberal party nominee for the local riding, and ultimately who will win a future election in Kingston and the Islands are bound to creep into the conversation, this week ‘s poll asks:

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Personally, I am sad to Peter Milliken step aside and thankful for his years of outstanding service.  While I can appreciate his want and desire to spend more time at home and within the local community, I also wonder why now?  Perhaps that question can only answered by him.  However, in light of speculation that he will take on a position in the world of academia, or that he’s being considered to succeed Michaelle Jean as Governor General, hopefully this isn’t the last of Peter Milliken.

Thanks to Tyler Ball for today’s photo of Milliken shaking hands with constituents after his last re-election in ’08.

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6 thoughts on “Peter Milliken Moves On

  • It is sad that Milli won't run again. I for one am scared about who may succeed him. If you look at the polls for the last few elections, the PCs really made some ground during 2008, netting 32% of the vote. Prior to that the PCs hovered around the low 20's and posed no real threat. I would hate to see Milli's absence result in Kingston turning into a blue riding. Green I could stomach…but not blue.

  • That is exactly what I fear as well. A lack of an established, reliable candidate may slide us into the big blue ocean that surrounds us. I may have lost faith in the liberals over the past few years, but the last thing we need is to become a conservative riding…. then again if Harper has taught me anything it could mean MILLIONS of dollars flowing into our city :P

    • I think their problem will be they end up with a very established candidate who ends up turning Kingston blue. A lot of people will throw a vote elsewhere over holding their nose and voting Rosen.

      No that that would be a bad thing for Kingston. Better to be a swing seat when the goodies are handed out then having a guaranteed result as we've sen the past 20 years

  • While I am certainly fond of Peter Milliken, I do think that Kingston and the Islands could use a change and a new voice speaking for us in the Commons.

    I agree with the above commenters, though, that the blue threat is real and very scary. Here's hoping for a strong Liberal candidate, or better yet, seeing this riding get painted green or orange.

  • Is there really any serious difference between Liberal and Tories in Canada? To someone who's recently moved here from Europe, they seem like bald men arguing over a comb. The Green Party also isn't as radical as most European greens and the NDP seem to be opportunists. Canadian politics is not a pretty sight, and as for Kingston's local politics, I have seen more imagination and a better choice of candidates in High School elections.

  • oh thank god you said that Flying Monkey. I was starting to wonder if anyone in Kingston could see past their own front yards.

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