Pete Petersen Basketball League hosts 2023 Awards Banquet

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League families and local community and business leaders gathered at Our Lady of Fatima Parish Hall on Division Street for the Pete Petersen Basketball League’s Annual Awards Banquet on Sunday, Mar. 5, 2023.

The afternoon event served up a hot dog and Mio Gelato feast, a video presentation of athlete and game photos taken throughout the season, and an awards ceremony presented by supporters of the league.

Cris Vilela, Kingstonist Co-Publisher (left) and Bridget Walker Payne, Convenor of the Girls Division (far right) pose with Guy Wells Trophy Winners Adam Mignault from the Celtics and Olive Girard from the Starzz. The Guy Wells Trophy is given to the male and female players who best exemplify what the league stands for – Sportsmanship, fair play, team play, and leadership. Photo via the Pete Petersen Basketball League.

The league shared the following details on the awards handed out at the banquet:

The Don “Pete” Petersen Trophy – presented by Mayor Bryan Paterson and Andrew Harris:

Little GuysJackie Paterson
Little GalsZachery Vincent Roy
GirlsFran Tackaberry and Mike Spies
BiddyColin Bowman
GraduateCameron Kane

The Referee’s Trophy – presented by David DeSantis, Chris Gencarelli and Neinke Hoedemann: 

Little GuysWolfpack – Jen Couture and Jen Jackson Broome
Little Gals – TIEAztecs – Shakaya Dopwell and Maddie McKenzie; Rebels – Amber Allport, Jessica Peace, and Chantel Spinelli
GirlsSparks – Neil Lalor and Charlee Mallete
BiddyOrange – Paul Medeiros, Jack Molson, and Will Hansen
GraduateSixers – Jolene O’Brien, Fraser McArther, Jeff Bilow, and Matt Sample

The Guy Wells Trophy – presented by Cris Vilela and Bridget Walker-Payne:

  • Female winner – Olive Girard – Starzz 
  • Male winner – Adam Mignault – Celtics        

The Tony Pettitt Award – presented by Trish and Greg McAuley:

  • Lynne Mason

Holy Cross Secondary School Spring League and Summer Camps – presented by Paul Meideros and Matt Charlton:

Little GuysCharlie LaBarge – Wildcats
Little GalsHailey Henderson – Golden Gals
GraduateWyatt Bailey – Celtics

The Bill MacLeod Memorial Cup – presented by Tori and Sheri Holt and Pat Adams: 

Little GuysMax Labarge – Wildcats; Liam Harrison- Hoosiers
Little GalsSophie Cawlishaw – Monarchs 
GirlsCharlotte Stroud – Storm
BiddyAaron VanKoughnett – Magic; Jack Wordley – Grizzlies
GraduateNoah Heisterkamp – Warriors 

The Lenny Falcoa Award – presented by Colin Bowman and Amber Allport:

Little GuysHoosiers – Keith Alcock and Emmitt Irwin
Little GalsGolden Gals – Heather Hollywood and Lyndsey Hawkins 
GirlsStorm – Katie Kelsey, Chase Collins and Ashleigh Whitley
BiddyVikings – Doug Jeffries and Rick Sagriff
GraduateHeat – Amanda Kyle and Zoe Yanovsky

Two Ball Champions and Runners-up – presented by Rich Polk, Erin Allen, and Shawn Hollywood:

Little GuysParker Heyman and Moses MilkonEdward McNutt and Joe McNutt
Little GalsAmbrielle Cabral and Adriana BracciodietaAnastasza Windover and Sophie Lockhart
GirlsJulia Cornelius and Jayden HopeKora Feola and Kylah Amorim
BiddyGraham Hendry and Michael HansonGreydon Malinowski and Oscar Martinez-Munier
GraduateAdam Mignault and Elijah DaleyCash Baker and Lucas Dingle

Trinity Van Heddegem Memorial Award for the Little Gals Rookie of the Year – presented by Rob Van Heddegem, Heather Hollywood, and Lindsey Hawkins:

  • Madeline Hall – Rockers

The Gerry Besselink Award presented by John Besselink and Charlie Mignault: 

This award is given for effort, respect and dedication to the league. 

  • Sarah McDonnell
John Besselink (left) and Charlie Mignault (right) from the league executive, flank Sarah MacDonnell, winner of the Gerry Besselink Award for “effort, respect and dedication to the league”. Sarah is a former player and a long-time coach with the league. Photo via the Pete Petersen Basketball League.

Presentation of the St. Lawrence Basketball Camp Awards for one week at the camp this summer – presented by Kevin Biggs and Gloria De Matos:

GirlsMadison Clements and Janelle Shoniker – Sparks
BiddyCoby Yonick Mundacruz – Grizzlies

The Bucky Spencer Memorial Free Throw Champions – presented by Rick Hollywood, Donna Stover, and Miles Brackenbury:

 Age groupWinners
Boys8 yearsGraydon McMillan – Rebels
 9 yearsDominic Boudreau – Wolfpack
 10 yearsMax Harden – Rebels
 11 yearsCarter Guindon – Tarheels
 12 yearsPatrick Lloyd – Tarheels
 13 yearsColton Irwin – Bulls
 14 yearsParker Hollywood – Celtics
 15 YearsAdam Mignault – Celtics
Girls8 yearsAnnik Fogels – Lions
 9 yearsStella Boussougou – Tigers
 10 yearsAnastasza Windover – Tigers
 11 yearsZoe Black – Liberty
 12 yearsNeveah Ackley – Storm
 13 yearsSydney Hunter – Mercury
 14 yearsLeah Elizabeth Rumbolt – Sparks

Most Improved Players in each Division – presented by Paul Medeiros, Amber Allport, and Liz Allport:

Little GuysSimon Broome – Wolfpack
Little Gals Ainsley Monaghan – Slammers
GirlsKaren Lizbeth Hernandez Castillo – Monarchs
BiddyKoen Walmsley – Ravens
Graduate Parker Hollywood – Celtics

The Most Valuable Players in each division – presented by Shawn Hollywood and Pat Adams:

Little GuysDesmond Kerr – Huskies; Cohen McMillan – Rebels
Little GalsMolly Thompson – Lions
GirlKeira Hawkins – Comets
BiddyThompson Fisher – Suns; Graham Hendry – Orange
GraduateAdam Mignault – Celtics

The Most Sportsmanlike Players in each division – presented by Charlie Mignault and Bridget Walker-Payne:

Little GuysMoses Milkon – Jayhawks
Little GalsLaura Provost – Rebels; Ainslie Niemann – Rockers
GirlsSydney Hunter – Mercury
BiddyLuke Van Der Pryt – Vikings; Ronan Bowie – Raptors
GraduateWilliam Kerr – Hawks 

The Carm Londry Trophy – presented by Heather Hollywood and Rick Hollywood:

Little GuysLogan Hollywood – Tarheels
Little GalsSkyla Marchand – Aztecs
GirlsMarley Heyman – Liberty
BiddyKyle Feaney – Tarheels; Ryder Bailey – Suns
GraduateSasha Wheeler–Dee – Bulls

The Top Defensive Players in each division – presented by Gloria DeMatos and Rob Van Heddegem:

Little GuysJames McCarthy – Mustangs
Little GalsAnastasza Windover – Tigers
GirlsJessie Lapointe – Sting
BiddyMatthew Edmunds – Orange
GraduateJ. Carscallen – Sixers

Learn more about the Pete Petersen Basketball League on their website:

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