Pesos being used as toonies in Kingston area

A Kingston resident is warning fellow Kingstonians about a foreign coin being passed off as a toonie. Photo by Shannon Beal

A Kingston resident is warning fellow Kingstonians to keep a close eye on their change as coins from the Dominican Republic have been circulating as toonies in the area.

“I found pesos in my change and have been told there are quite a few others in Kingston who have found them in their change too,” said Shannon Beal. While she can’t recall exactly where she obtained the masquerading coin, Beal believes it was likely to be at a coffee shop or drugstore where she had recently made cash purchases.

The Dominican Republic’s 10 peso coin looks remarkably similar in both size and colour to the Canadian toonie. However, it is worth significantly less. A Dominican Republic peso (DOP) is worth approximately .026 Canadian dollars, making the coin worth 26 cents.

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