PEC OPP warn of ongoing phone scam

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According to a release from the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP), dated Friday, Jan. 15, 2021, the Prince Edward County Detachment has received a number of reports of a phone scam. 

Individuals have reported receiving phone calls from individuals claiming to be representatives of the government working for ‘Ontario Home Protection’, according to the release. The OPP said the individual is then offered some type of device to be installed in their home, however, the individual is asked for personal and banking information prior to proceeding.

The OPP are reminding individuals not to share personal information to unknown sources over the phone or online. According to the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre (CAFC), they have received over 50,000 reports of fraud with reported losses of $104 million in 2021, OPP said in the release. The CAFC is continually updating the most recent scams and frauds.

OPP share some indicators of common scams: 

  • Request for gift cards
  • Computer support service calling you
  • Request for bitcoin
  • Demands or persuasive caller 
  • Random requests for personal information 

OPP remind the public not to be intimidated by high pressure sales tactics. If in doubt, request the information in writing and watch for urgent pleas that play on emotion. 

It is important to remember who originated the request, OPP said in the release. Did the individual call a trusted number for assistance, or receive an unknown call from a potential fraudster? If ever unsure, consider researching a contact number and call the company/organization back. Reports of fraud should be directed to local police and the CAFC. 

The Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre, managed by the RCMP, the Competition Bureau and the Ontario Provincial Police have more information on fraud.

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