Over $40K in fines laid in University District over move-in weekend

Photo by Daniel Tastard Homer/Kingstonist.

Kingston Police and the City of Kingston expressed disappointment over behaviours seen in the University District over the long weekend, despite the University District Safety Initiative being in effect.

“Last weekend’s activities have shown an unsettling trend in reckless behaviours, as well as a lack of respect toward the community and all of its members,” said Acting Chief of Kingston Police Scott Fraser. “We’re hopeful we will not see this same behaviour next weekend. Our Police Liaison Teams (PLT) will continue to engage with both students and residents in the University District. We encourage students and all community residents to engage in conversations with PLT members to ensure future weekends are peaceful, lawful and safe for everyone.”

A Kingston Police Liaison Team officer knocks on a door in the University District on Saturday, Sept. 2, 2023. Photo via Kingston Police on Twitter.

In two media releases, the City and Kingston Police provided information on their efforts to enforce the University District Safety Initiative (UDSI) between the evening of Friday, Sept 1, and Monday, Sept 4, 2023, including that Bylaw, Police and other community partners will continue their ongoing door-to-door campaigns to inform and raise awareness about the UDSI.

“We are disappointed in the recent unsanctioned parties hosted by individuals living in or visiting the University District. Over this past weekend, these parties created hostile environments for Bylaw Enforcement and other community partners whose primary responsibility is to respond to resident concerns and keep residents safe,” said Curtis Smith, Director of Licensing & Enforcement for the City.

“We will continue to inform property owners and tenants about their role in creating a community that is peaceful and enjoyable to live in, and issuing Administrative Monetary Penalties as required,” Smith added.

Bylaw Enforcement reported the following fines and charges:

  • Friday, Sept. 1 – 1 Nuisance Party Declaration, 20 $200 Amplified Sound Administrative Monetary Penalties (AMPs)
  • Saturday, Sept. 2 – 1 Nuisance Party Declaration, 65 $500 Failure to Leave AMPs, 16 $200 Amplified Sound AMPs
  • Sunday, Sept. 3 – 2 Nuisance Party Declarations, 6 $200 Amplified Sound AMPs

Kingston Police reported the following fines and charges:

  • Liquor Licence Control Act: 295 Open Liquor, 24 Person Under 19 Consume Alcohol, 4 Public Intoxication Arrest/Charges
  • Criminal Charges: 1 Mischief Under $5,000
  • Highway Traffic Act: 9 Charges

The University District Safety Initiative (UDSI) will be in effect until Sunday, Sept. 10 at 11:59 p.m. According to the release, the purpose of the UDSI is to educate community members and to mitigate the risks of large unsanctioned gatherings, including strains on emergency services, dangerous behaviours and traffic disruptions.

The City can issue AMPs for Nuisance Party and Noise bylaw infractions, meaning that fines for contravening these bylaws can now be issued and resolved directly through the City. Kingston Police and City Bylaw Enforcement Officers still issue fines through the standard process, meaning that a fine under the Nuisance Party Bylaw could still result in a Part One Court Summons and a mandatory court appearance.

Learn more about the measures in place to discourage unsanctioned large gatherings, including the Noise and Nuisance Party bylaws and the University District Safety Initiative.

3 thoughts on “Over $40K in fines laid in University District over move-in weekend

  • The police are neither the problem nor the solution. Where are the landlords, the university leaders and the parent/families?

    There is nothing so predictable as a large crowd of young hormones off-leash with cars, music and alcohol at hand.

    Queen’s does teach Psychology and Sociology does it not?

  • What surveillance and actions if any were taken by Queen’s PLT before police action was taken. Did tjhey warn students charged in any cases and simply ignored ?

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