Ottawa couple ‘devastated’ over dog lost in Kingston

Three photos showing the different sides of Arya (both literally and figuratively). Arya got out of a house on Fieldstone Drive in Kingston’s east end in mid-January 2020. Her owners, Diane Chicoine and Trevor Williams, are hoping someone in Kingston might know where Arya is. Submitted photos.

It’s been over three months since Ottawa couple Diane Chicoine and Trevor Williams saw their beloved rescue dog, Arya, but their fight to bring her home is far from over.

Arya went missing in Kingston’s east end on Monday, Jan. 13, 2020, at approximately 8:30 p..m. At the time, the dog was staying with Chicoine’s parents, who live on Fieldstone Drive. When Chicoine and Williams received word that Arya had escaped and was missing, they immediately changed their plans and returned to Canada.

Ironically, the couple were in Antigua, the very island where Arya was rescued from.

“This year, we took our vacation in Antigua so we could help more dogs find homes away from the island. If you have ever travelled to a Caribbean island, you have for sure come across dogs (potcakes) and probably witness first-hand the difficult life they live. Their biggest predator is the human,” Chicoine said.

For the trip, the couple came to Antigua with dog crates and donations to a local vet they were working with who needed hard to find supplies. The couple also worked with the Air Canada Foundation to obtain waivers for dogs on their return flight.

Unfortunately, those plans were cut short when the couple was contacted by Chicoine’s mom when Arya went missing.

“We are devastated. She was supposed to be safe at my mom’s. We never thought we’d find ourselves in this position. We especially felt hopeless while being in Antigua and unable to come home. The flights are very limited and we came home as soon as we could but we feel that we missed the opportunity to affect a different outcome,” Chicoine expressed. “We feel like we failed her fundamentally in keeping her safe.”

Arya in one of her favourite spots in her Ottawa home. Submitted photo.

Since Arya went missing, the couple, with the aid of Chicoine’s brother and sister-in-law who also live in Kingston, have worked tirelessly to find their dog. Their sister-in-law initially set up an online campaign to bring Arya home, and received a tip that the dog had been picked up and placed into a silver SUV just a few doors away from Chicoine’s mother’s home, near the corner of Fieldstone Drive and Rose Abbey Drive at about 11 p.m. the same day she got out, Monday, Jan. 13, 2020. It is unclear whether or not this claim was true, but Chicoine said they have not received any information on sightings of Arya that proved successful since then, nor indication that she has been found deceased during the spring thaw.

The couple and their family spent three weeks walking around the neighbourbood and surrounding wooded area before needing to return to Ottawa. They have returned to Kingston several times since then, and have been in contact with the Kingston Humane Society throughout the time Arya has been missing.

The couple adopted Arya after the unexpected passing of their miniature schnauzer.

“To say she was unplanned is an understatement. I saw her picture and I knew I needed her. Something about her called to me. Arya filled the gaping hole that our mini left,” Chicoine said. “She’s spunky and has a bigger-than-life personality.”

Furthermore, Arya is one of three Antiguan rescues in the couple’s household, and Chicoine described her as the central leader of the trio.

“The energy in our house has been subdued tremendously. I even noted to my boyfriend that I don’t feel as safe in our house without her here. She is a protector and a lap dog rolled into a 40-pound package,” she said.

Describing her as “the centre of attention,” and “too smart for her own good,” Chicoine recalled the way Arya made herself comfortable in their home.

“Arya is also a complete snuggle bug; we always joke that she can’t resist folded legs on the couch when someone is napping. She has to get in there to snuggle in the bend of your legs.  She shares my pillow at night, snug as a bug between the two of us.  She never hesitates to protect us and will tell strangers when they get to close to her momma,” she said.

Now, after bringing Arya into their home to save her from the unsafe life she had in Antigua, the couple are hoping to bring Arya home again.

“We have been unable to imagine a world where she doesn’t come home to us.  Her absence is felt every day,” Chicoine said. “Most of all, we worry that someone is hurting her, or that she is still lost, alone, scared and cold. We worry that she thinks we don’t love her enough to find and help her.”

Anyone with information on Arya’s whereabouts or possible sighting of the dog is asked to call 613-263-3322 or 613-863-3888. Chicoine and her family can also be reached via email at [email protected] or [email protected].

15 thoughts on “Ottawa couple ‘devastated’ over dog lost in Kingston

  • I would assume that sadly your dog has been lost to a coyote :( they where aweful in Kingston this winter. Sorry for the loss. This is the exact reason I never leave my dogs with family and always in the hands of professionals.

    • Dear tiffany , I don’t know how old you are but, you certainly need sensitivity training……please spare all of us !!!!

    • I’m honestly not sure if this is real or supposed to be satire article. No matter what it’s incredible tone deaf considering that there are people with real problems in this town. Like not having enough to eat today in the midst of a pandemic. Talking about sensitivity ?
      And yes: it’s long gone, it was winter in Canada

      • What a nasty person you are!! Yes there are people who don’t have enough to eat but that isn’t anything new and not just a situation totally caused by the pandemic!!! Instead of tearing into someone who is hurting ( even if you don’t understand the hurt) turn your energies to actually helping the people you say are hungry!! You could find ways to help if you were so concerned!! Nothing excuses your lack of compassion or humanity, it is obvious that you have never had an animal that you loved!

        • No kidding. It’s not like there’s a dog bank. Oh wait, I guess the humane society technically qualifies. Regardless, I have had some good meals in my life, but I don’t remember any of them with the fondness of any pet that has owned me. With all the stray animals in the world, why anyone would want a pure inbred anything? It boggles my mind. My family had two German Shepards when I was a child, and they both had to be euthanized for hip dysplasia. My uncle couldn’t bring himself to let his go, and almost put him in a wheelchair, before that was ever a thing. If you want a pet, adopt one, and you don’t have to travel to Antigua to find it. Help your local humane society fulfill their no kill policy by adopting a pet from them.

          • The dog is adopted – it is from a rescue that help both island dogs (meaning street dogs – not designer island dogs) and dogs in Ottawa.
            Your comment is ignorant and insensitive.

    • Said the kennel owner. Coyotes are opportunist predators, that dog looks to be twice the size of any Coyote I have ever seen roaming the streets, and I see them weekly, and I live smack dab in the middle of Kingston, but very close to Rideau Trail, and plenty of green space. I would be very surprised if the dog were attacked by a Coyote, and even if there were multiple, that dog came from a place where every day was a fight for survival. Unlikely at best.

    • If you can’t say something encouraging, then don’t say anything. Your comments are totally out of line to say the least.

  • Sorry to hear about your dog? I hope she will return to you. You seem to have a kind, admirable heart , and do great work with animals, bless you !

  • She is a very pretty girl. So sorry for your loss and hope with all my heart for her safe return. ??

  • Why is devastated in quotes? Kind of punctually downplays furparents feelings on loss of missing dog. If it were mine, devastated would be in caps. So very sorry to hear of your tragic loss while trying to help other pups ??

    • Hi Samantha,
      The word devastated is in quotes in the headline because that is a word the dog owner actually used when describing how she and her boyfriend feel. It is standard practice to put words that are directly attributed to the source in quotes in headlines. It indicates that someone actually said it, as opposed to it being an assumption or speculation. :)

  • I think some of your comments are rude and hurtful, when people have pets they are like family and you love them unconditionally. None of you know what happened to their dog she is beautiful so maybe someone picked her up and hopefully someone will see her and report this, so i think its good to keep posting as I believe someone has her

  • think some of your comments are rude and hurtful, when people have pets they are like family and you love them unconditionally. None of you know what happened to their dog she is beautiful so maybe someone picked her up and hopefully someone will see her and report this, so i think its good to keep posting as I believe someone has her

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