OPP target aggressive drivers over long weekend

Photo by First Response Media.

The Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) will be watching out for aggressive drivers as Ontario highways and roads see high traffic volumes over the Canada Day long weekend. 

During last year’s Canada Day Long Weekend, the OPP responded to 64 speed-related collisions, three of which resulted in the loss of life. In total, 7,393 speeding charges were laid over the four-day weekend.

“As you celebrate with your family and friends this Canada Day weekend, expect higher than normal volumes of traffic. This will require your full attention and patience on the road. Take your time, stay calm, and don’t allow other drivers to affect your judgment,” said Solicitor General Sylvia Jones. “Your actions will ensure everyone has a safe holiday.”

The OPP laid 215,060 speeding charges in 2018. Of the year’s 333 road deaths, 76 were attributed to speeding. Speeding offences accounted for more than half of the total 385,278 traffic charges last year, according to the OPP. Exceeding the posted speed limit, following too closely, erratic/unsafe lane changes, failure to obey traffic signs/signals, and road rage are all forms of aggressive driving.

“Whether you are driving a motor vehicle, an off-road vehicle or a boat this weekend, we are counting on you to be a safe driver and to help our officers keep people safe,” said OPP Commissioner Thomas Carrique.

One thought on “OPP target aggressive drivers over long weekend

  • People speed because there trying to get ahead of a slow pocket of traffic where some Sunday driver is doing 100 in the passing lane and holding up traffic…. passing lane is a passing lane and not a travelling lane …. These people need to be targeted also …. more signage and fines for travelling in passing lane …. People think it’s okay to just pick a lane and go for a drive and then they think we need more lanes on the 401… learn to commute on a 2 lane highway like the folks in Europe do …. travelling lane and a passing lane and if caught travelling in passing lane it’s as bad as a careless driving charge as it impedes traffic flow….. This kind of driver leads to passing on the inside lanes and weaving in and out to get around them that’s what causes the accidents…. Target these people also….

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