OPP lay more than 1,500 seatbelt charges over long weekend

Photo by Logan Cadue/Kingstonist.

Despite advanced notice, the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) seatbelt campaign, which ran from Apr. 7 to 10, 2023, saw officers lay 1,507 seatbelt charges against drivers and passengers who placed themselves and all other occupants in their vehicles at risk. 

According to the OPP, three people lost their lives in motor vehicle collisions throughout the province over the weekend, and one person was killed in a snowmobile incident.

“Aggressive drivers posed a significant threat on roads, with 5,186 speeding charges and 129 stunt/racing charges laid,” OPP said. “One hundred and forty-one (141) impaired driving and 137 distracted driving charges were among the 10,323 offences officers held motorists accountable for over the weekend.”

In the OPP’s East Region, 172 seatbelt charges were laid. This preliminary number includes drivers and passengers who failed to buckle up and be safe over the long weekend, according to a release from the OPP.

“During the campaign, officers focused their attention on the use of seatbelts, however education and enforcement did not stop there,” the OPP said. “In East Region, 1,690 charges were laid, including 991 for speeding, 24 for distracted driving, 27 for stunt driving, and 39 charges for impaired operation.”

Weekend numbers from the Prince Edward County OPP Detachment are as follows:

  • 231 traffic stops
  • 77 charges
    • 2 of these were drivers failing to properly wear a seat belt, 15 were passengers failing to wear a seat belt
  • 209 warnings
  • 13 RIDE programs
  • 7 foot patrols
  • 1 impaired driver charged
  • 1 ‘warn’ range licence suspension

The OPP noted that they remain fully committed to public safety and will continue proactive education and enforcement throughout the year.

“With warmer weather and increased travel on our roadways, the OPP is reminding everyone to buckle up and follow the rules of the road,” the OPP stated. “The number of collisions that result in serious injury or death, can be reduced by avoiding poor driving behaviour such as speeding, distracted driving and failure to properly wear your seatbelt.”

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