Ontario announces additional pay for frontline workers

Peter Bethlenfalvy, President of the Treasury Board, announces additional compensation for frontline workers.

The Ontario government is providing frontline staff with additional compensation in recognition of the dedication, long hours and increased risk of working to contain the COVID-19 outbreak.

This increase will provide four dollars per hour worked on top of existing hourly wages, regardless of the qualified employee’s hourly wage. In addition, employees working over 100 hours per month would receive lump sum payments of $250 per month for each of the next four months. This means that eligible employees working an average of 40 hours per week would receive $3,560 in additional compensation. Those eligible to receive the payment will be staff working in long-term care homes, retirement homes, emergency shelters, supportive housing, social services congregate care settings, corrections institutions and youth justice facilities, as well as those providing home and community care and some staff in hospitals.

The announcement was made today by Premier Doug Ford, Peter Bethlenfalvy, President of the Treasury Board, Christine Elliott, Deputy Premier and Minister of Health, and Dr. Merrilee Fullerton, Minister of Long-Term Care.

“During these dark days, the Ontario spirit continues to shine through with everyday acts of heroism, courage, and compassion by our frontline workers,” said Premier Ford. “These people put themselves in harm’s way to care for our sick and vulnerable citizens. I am truly grateful, as are the people of Ontario, for their service, and it’s time we give something back to those who sacrifice so much day in and day out.”

Staff providing frontline clinical services, along with those providing support services, such as cleaning and meal preparation, will be eligible to receive the pandemic payment. The additional compensation is temporary and would begin flowing immediately and continue for 16 weeks.

“The pandemic payment recognizes the valiant efforts of our frontline workers in the fight against COVID-19,” said Minister Bethlenfalvy. “These heroic workers are delivering critical services that support all Ontarians, including the most vulnerable members of our communities, often putting themselves or their loved ones at risk. They are saving lives and we owe them an incredible debt of gratitude.”

“It is vital that we retain our frontline health care workers as we continue our fight to stop the spread of COVID-19,” said Christine Elliott, Deputy Premier and Minister of Health. “We are taking further actions to continue to ensure that our healthcare workers are supported, and the health care sector maintains a safe staffing level, especially in places where it is needed the most.”

These measures are on top of measures the government has already taken to support frontline workers, including providing free emergency child care.

22 thoughts on “Ontario announces additional pay for frontline workers

  • Is this to be used for direct compensation and NOT for other expenses incurred by the agencies? Is this retroactive to a particular date?

  • Is this something as a frontline worker we have to apply for or will our workplaces be in charge of this ?

  • Hi there,

    Does this include nurses working in high risk areas of the hospital like emergency, icu and acute medical care floors?


  • Thank you Doug Ford! As an employee of a retirement home. I am greatly appreciated for this! As I already enjoy going to my job and protecting the residents from this horrible virus

  • What about those working in grocery stores and others deemed essential services?

    While they might not be university grads, they are still front line workers, risking their personal health to ensure others can eat.

  • What about all the grocery workers we play Russian roulette every day waiting on people and helping people. No idea if someone is sick or not . Step in our shoes and wait on the public. We can’t stay home no relief for us. Just the stress of not knowing everyday . Think of that the next time you go buy your groceries

  • Nice to hear.. but us truck drivers get none of those benefits… no additional pay.. no hazard pay.. no relief in any shape or form from any of our governments..

  • They don’t tell us HOW that money will be distributed?! Through the employer?
    How will they know who worked over 100 hours? Will the 4$ an hour be on our pays?

  • Why are we transit drivers deemed essential enough to have to work through this but not essential enough to recieve a pay raise?

  • This is great but do we know yet if workers have to apply online or would they approach their employers. Can you provide a link to where the information would be posted. I assume it would be effective on Monday.

  • What about the pharmacy workers who are putting their lives on the line to keep medication available for everyone???

  • I am extremely disappointed in this.. You say frontline workers.. you do not include grocery store workers and we are as much up front if not more then other the above mentioned.. yes I agree they are Front and centre, but we are just as much.. This is not equality for essential workers and should be extended to all..

  • So, how do you get this? Shouldnt funeral/cemetary workers also qualify?

  • What about restuarant workers in dru thur . We are still working and feeding people and putting our lives at risk too.

  • This should be a direst deposit through a website or something. NOT through management of workplace!! We wont get it! Please explain the mechanism so people who deserve it can get it.

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