One of two people in alleged drug deal arrested in Kingston’s north end

Photo by Logan Cadue/Kingstonist.

Police have arrested a local resident, one of two people involved in a suspected “exchange of illicit drugs” that officers witnessed, according to Kingston Police.

In a press release issued on Wednesday, Jul. 10, 2024, Kingston Police stated that officers “on proactive general patrol” the day prior had “observed two individuals appearing to exchange illicit drugs” at approximately 11:20 a.m. The incident occurred in the parking lot of an apartment building in the area of Compton Street, north of Weller Avenue, police said.

As an officer approached the individuals “to speak with them,” both separated and “fled in opposite directions,” Kingston Police detailed, noting that one of the individuals fled the scene on a bicycle.

“The officer followed this individual as they rode their bike through a hole in a fence to access the rear parking lot of an apartment building on Conacher Drive,” police said in the press release.

According to police, a foot pursuit ensued, with the individual ditching the bike and “attempting to run back through a smaller hole in the same fence, which provided access to the same Compton Street apartment building rear parking lot.” Police then caught up with the accused person, who then resisted an officer’s attempts to place him under arrest, police said.

The individual was then arrested at approximately 11:25 a.m. “after a brief struggle,” police said.

“A search incident to arrest revealed that the accused was in possession of a baggie that contained a quantity of suspected crystal methamphetamine,” Kingston Police detailed.

The 21-year-old Kingston resident was charged with unlawful possession of a Schedule 1 substance, resisting a peace officer, and three counts of breach of probation.

In response to Kingstonist inquiries as to what occurred with the other individual involved in the alleged drug deal, Kingston Police said that person was not located after fleeing the scene.

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