Official statement from MPP Ian Arthur regarding Ford government’s anti-climate-change language emails

“The experts and the evidence are all clear; climate change is a real, urgent crisis that we must address now, before it’s too late. Already, communities across the province are facing new disasters every year because of climate change, including flooding, fires, and serious drought. Instead of facing climate change, the Ford government has chosen to sweep this issue under the rug to appease big polluters by cancelling cap and trade. Ford’s anti-environment crusade as see the cancellation of the GreenON and other program (sic) targeted at reducing emissions.

Now, in addition to removing climate change from the Ministerial responsibilities, the Ford administration has added to the chaos by sending emails telling ministers no to mention the words climate change in government communications. While government spokespeople now say those emails were a mistake the scenario is similar to how scientists were treated under Harper. It also echoes Doug Ford’s plans to allow the development of the Green Belt which he quickly reversed when they became public. Doug Ford appears to be more concerned about honouring backroom deals with his powerful friends than confronting the issues that matter to families. Ontarians deserve better.”

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