North York man arrested after firearms incident in Kingston

A Kingston Police officer stands with a Police Services Dog outside of an apartment building on Parkway where the suspect involved in a firearms offence earlier in the day was arrested on Sunday, Apr. 7, 2024. Screenshot from submitted video.

Editor’s note: This article has been updated since it was originally published to include further details on this incident, as well as on the suspect arrested and charged in connection with them. Please see bottom of article for most recently updated information.

Residents on Crossfield Avenue and Parkway in central Kingston may have noticed a distinct police presence in those areas on Sunday following a firearms incident.

This, police say, was in response to a weapons offence on Crossfield Avenue, which is located just north of Princess Street between Centennial Drive and Sydenham Road.

According to Kingston Police, in the early morning hours of Sunday, Apr. 7, 2024, officers “responded to the area of Crossfield Ave. in response to a firearms related offence.” Police learned that a firearm was discharged in that area, but the suspect was at large.

“There was no threat to public safety at the time and there were no injuries,” Kingston Police said in an email in response to Kingstonist inquiries.

Police did not detail how it was determined that there was no threat to public safety after the shots were fired.

Later in the day, the large police presence moved to Parkway, the roadway off of Princess Street to the south just west of Portsmouth Avenue. There, officers with the Kingston Police Emergency Response Team were seen outside an apartment building. The officers, dressed in their green tactical response uniforms, drew some concern from area residents. However, according to Kingston Police, at approximately 1 p.m., officers executed an arrest of the suspect involved in the firearms incident earlier in the day.

According to police, a 23-year-old male from North York was arrested and charged with “numerous firearms related offences.” He was held at Kingston Police Headquarters to attend a bail hearing today, Monday, Apr. 8, 2024. Police did not disclose the results of that bail hearing.

In response to Kingstonist inquiries regarding the number and type of firearms involved, Kingston Police said they could not provide any further information at this time.

Kingstonist will provide updated coverage of this incident if/when more information becomes available.

Update (Wednesday, Apr. 10, 2024):
Kingston Police addressed these incidents described above, and the arrest of and charges against a North York man in connection with those incidents.

On Wednesday, Apr. 10, 2024, Kingston Police announced that 23-year-old Janai Jean is now facing more than 10 serious charges after he aimed a firearm at the relative of a former partner at the residence of his former partner on Crossfield Avenue. Jean then discharged that firearm, narrowly missing the relative, before fleeing on foot. He was later found by Kingston Police in an apartment on Parkway. Read Kingstonist’s full coverage of this announcement, including the charges against Jean, here.

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