Norman Rogers Aiport Luggage Lotto

Luggage Lotto
Anyone departing Kingston’s Norman Rogers Airport has played this game – “will my luggage make it to Toronto” – let alone the final destination? A relatively recent decision by Air Canada has resulted in the termination of AC Jazz DH1 service to Kingston, and a new sub-contract to Air Alliance, which flies tiny and apparently anemic Beechcraft airplanes from the Limestone City to the Big Smoke. These aircraft have serious weight limitations, and depending upon the passenger load, the balance point of the aircraft can obstruct a full luggage load.

While boarding a Beechcraft bound for Toronto, I noticed that some luggage was removed from the airplane. I guess I won’t find out until I arrive in Germany if I was a luggage lottery winner. More whining / cross-posted at juniorannex.

It seems that the City of Kingston – owner and operator of Norman Rogers Airport – published a comprehensive master plan in 2007. Although the document is rather dense, it is a worthwhile read for those of you who have an interest in the future shape of our modest airport. NB: get yourself a good stiff drink and reserve about two hours to get through it all.

Recommendations such as terminal improvements are now underway, while planned extensions to the North and South runways may follow in the near future. Given the physical constraints imposed by the airport’s property boundary, the planned runway extension will only be able to accommodate small regional aircraft. With no guarantee that improved service will be offered to Kingstonians, one could easily argue that the City’s runway extension plan is simply unnecessary. The master plan also assembles detailed user profiles and statistics, however I am not entirely convinced that the City has the business acumen to interpret this data correctly, and ultimately generate improved service. As well, there appears to be little consideration given to privatizing Norman Rogers – an oversight which could lead to higher expenditures at the airport with little return to taxpayers. With the economy on the ropes, one might think there would be few takers, however private airport authorities have been quite successful in remaining somewhat recession-proof.

On my last excursion I briefly spoke with the Air Canada Check-In Agent regarding the (then) impending renovations, and in her opinion, not enough consideration was given to examining relocation of the airport to north of Hwy 401. This idea really caught my attention. I should think that the value of the existing airport lands for development, might offset the costs of acquiring a new, better suited piece property north of the 401.

3 thoughts on “Norman Rogers Aiport Luggage Lotto

  • Moving the airport is a great idea, however I don’t know where we could put it. Just north of Sir John A, and Division is too close to Little Cat, and any further north would be too far from the 401. Is there any free land left past the 401 on Gardiner or Montreal? What about using the old Alcan/Invista site? Dream on though…those old fly boys at the airport would never allow it to be closed/sold without a fight.

    Did your luggage make it to Germany, or are you now the proud owner of a new pair of lederhosen?

  • In our admittedly very quick discussion the idea of relocating the airport north of 401 along the Hwy 38 axis was floated.

    I don’t know if the City actually owns any land up that way – and although there are opportunities to generate revenue through the sale of the current airport properties – in all probability, the moment serious consideration is given to relocating, an airport authority would then have to navigate the environmental review process – and somehow manage to keep the desired real estate from appreciating out of sight.

    And yes my luggage did arrive on the international flight which means that some poor souls arrived elsewhere without theirs.

  • Forget about taking any carryon luggage especially if you have a wing seat. I took a regulation sized small suitcase and it wouldn’t fit underneath the seat in front of me. Next time I’m taking the airport bus.

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