No injuries reported after fire ravages farm at Lemoine Point

Kingston Fire and Rescue truck sirens could be heard streaming towards the Kingston airport from all over the city today after a fire broke out at the farmstead property at Lemoine Point.

Located at the end of Front Road, the property is home to a large barn, limestone farmhouse, and several outbuildings. At least one of the outbuildings was destroyed in the fire, while others sustained significant damages. According to the property manager, there were no farm animals present at the time of the fire, apart from the owner’s chickens, all of which remain unharmed.

A group of chickens look on from the fence line as smoke billows after a fire broke out at the farmstead property off of Front Road at Lemoine Point in Kingston’s west end. Photo by Peter McKenty.

Kingston Fire and Rescue responded to the blaze after multiple people reported the sound of a large explosion in Kingston’s west end, which was quickly followed by a large plume of dark smoke in the air over the property in question.

A large cloud of black smoke could be seen from across the bay, looking towards Lemoine Point and the Kingston Airport after a fire at a farm property off of Front Road on Friday, May 13, 2022. Submitted photo.

Kingston Fire and Rescue confirmed that, when crews arrived at the property, heavy smoke and “fire conditions” were already present. Fire crews arrived on scene at approximately 12:39 p.m., according to Kingston Fire and Rescue. Smouldering debris, melted siding, and scorched trees were also visible on the scene, which required a heavy firefighter presence and at least 10 Fire and Rescue vehicles. Frontenac Paramedic Services also attended the scene as a precautionary measure.

The local fire department confirmed the reports of explosions from area residents.

“Explosions were reported in the area. The cause of noise were heated aerosols cans and a propane cylinder that vented. There are no injuries,” Kingston Fire and Rescue said.

Firefighters remained on scene as of 3:30 p.m. Although the larger fire had been snuffed out by that time, smaller residual fires remained as crews doused hot spots amid the 23 C heat of the day.

“Currently Kingston Fire & Rescue crews are on scene extinguishing hot spots. A small outbuilding that contained various household materials caught fire,” the local fire department said just after 4 p.m., noting that the cause of the fire remains under investigation.

“The estimated cost of damages is $10,000.”

Kingstonist will provide updates as more information becomes available.

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