Nine commercial vehicles pulled out of service during Napanee enforcement blitz

Photo via L&A OPP.

While conducting a “commercial motor vehicle enforcement operation,” the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) and the Ministry of Transportation (MTO) laid dozens of charges and removed multiple vehicles from the road, according to police.

In a press release, the OPP detailed that its East Region Highway Safety Division and the MTO led the operation with the assistance of Lennox and Addington (L&A) County and Frontenac County OPP officers. The commercial vehicle enforcement blitz took place in the area of Jim Kimmett Boulevard and McPherson Drive in Napanee on Tuesday, Apr. 9, 2024, between the hours of 7:30 a.m. and 12:30 p.m. During this time, officers conducted checks on commercial vehicles passing through the area.

According to the OPP, a total of 24 commercial vehicles were inspected. Nine of those vehicles were taken out of service “for defects,” and five of the vehicles “had the licence plates removed for serious safety defects.”

“A total of 31 charges were laid under the Highway Traffic Act,” the OPP stated.

2 thoughts on “Nine commercial vehicles pulled out of service during Napanee enforcement blitz

  • I’m always confounded by the number of commercial trucks that are found to be unsafe. I know there are thousands on the roads at any time, but I have to wonder, are there no mandatory safety checks at certain intervals required to be done by the company owners/independents? Perhaps after a certain number of klms are reached? Unsafe cars are certainly a threat, but these trucks are not only heavy in their own right at around 13,500 kilos unloaded, but a fully loaded “18 wheeler” can weigh up to 36,000 kilos! Far, far more dangerous than a car. A mandatory safety check should have been in place for a very long time now. With all weigh stations being made obsolete decades ago, it beggars belief that trucks can travel forever with glaring safety violations and only occasional enforcement operations being conducted. At full weight, accidents can and have, far too often, been catastrophic.

    • Commercial vehicles have an annual safety inspection every year.
      And as for inspection stations shutting down is not true. Most if not all have been revamped and are open more often. The fact that they found a few with some defects is wonderful. But I would like to know how close they were to have there annual inspections.
      I know with my own commercial vehicles they get there annually done in October and then a quick inspection of brakes and steering components and other safety components every oil change so in my case 8000kms.
      I am not saying that commercial trucks are less or more safer the non commercial but look at the facts. There are more accidents with cars and pick up truck than commercial vehicles.

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