Utilities Kingston tool gives heads up on capital projects

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Utilities Kingston has an online feature to let residents know of any upcoming multi-utility capital construction projects. 

The online interactive map is available at https://utilitieskingston.com/Projects.

“This map shows the capital work Utilities Kingston is doing to ensure the continued reliability of core utility services,” Chief Operating Officer of Utilities Kingston, Jim Miller said. “It’s a great way to see how planned work may affect you and your neighbourhood, and to plan for appropriate physical distancing while our employees or contractors are at work. Enter your address to see when, where and what kind of infrastructure work we are completing.”

The city says the website will be used to provide insight into all types of projects including core water, wastewater, natural gas, electricity and broadband networking services.

Additionally, Utilities Kingston said it is taking steps to ensure the its workers and contractors are adhering to Public Health guidelines while carrying out work in residential neighbourhoods.

The following is a summary of Utilities Kingston’s work planned for the spring, summer and fall of 2021 (only larger projects will appear on the map above):

Water and wastewater

  • Re-route water and wastewater servicing, to increase capacity on Glengarry Road (Indian to Portsmouth), Portsmouth Avenue (Glengarry through Princess to Howard) and the Easement from Portsmouth to Parkway. This is a joint reconstruction project with the City of Kingston.
  • Renew water and wastewater infrastructure on Palace Road, from Brock to Johnson), and Johnson Street (from Palace to Macdonnell). 


  • Add cathodic protection – an anti-corrosion measure – to metallic water mains, to increase the life of this infrastructure, on Westbrook Road (between Woodbine and Princess).
  • Improve water distribution to ensure continued water quality in the Calvin Park neighbourhood, via water main looping.
  • Line end-of-life water mains on Mary Street, Elizabeth Street, King Street, Victoria Avenue, Anne Street, Byron Crescent, Piccard Place, and Michael Grass Crescent.
  • Install new water main on Highway 15 (Main to Grenadier) to improve capacity and water pressure in the area.
  • Make improvements to the generator at the King Street Water Treatment Plant for increased safety, environmental protection and service reliability.
  • Install a new large-diameter water main on King Street West for operational flexibility.


  • Replace the aging Days Road Sewage Pump Station in LaSalle Park to increase hydraulic capacity.
  • Continue with the multi-year expansion and upgrade to the Cataraqui Bay Wastewater Treatment Plant, to increase plant capacity, improve the quality of treated wastewater, and upgrade equipment.
  • Redirect the flow of sewage from the Portsmouth Pumping Station for increased capacity, operating efficiency, and environmental benefit.
  • Clean and inspect sanitary sewers in Reddendale, Henderson Place and Auden Park, to ensure continued service reliability.
  • Make building improvements at the Commodores Cove Sewage Pumping Station. 
  • Twin sections of the North End Trunk Sewer, to increase capacity for development and to alleviate surcharging in the trunk sewer. 
  • Rehabilitate trunk sewer mains, through Central and West Kingston, for ongoing reliability of the sewer, environmental protection, and public health.
  • Install structural liners in local sewer mains in Strathcona Park, Hillendale, Grenville, Calvin Park and Polson Park, for proactive rehabilitation.

Natural gas

For the ongoing safety and reliability of the natural gas distribution system:

  • Replace end-of-life natural gas regulators at the Railway Street Regulating Station.
  • Repair end-of-life steel gas main on Rideau Street.
  • Replace end-of-life steel gas main on Weller Avenue.


  • Continue the large multi-year electrical upgrade of Municipal Substation No. 1 to improve service reliability and increase load capacities to customers in the downtown core.
  • Provide 44 kV feeder teleprotection at the Hydro One Frontenac Transformer Station, for increased service reliability.
  • Replace end-of-life poles on King St. (Beverly to Lower University); add electric circuit and replace maintenance hole.
  • Replace or rebuild end-of-life poles on Highway #2 (Niagara Park to Craftsmen), Baiden Street (Macdonald to Cartwright), Weller Avenue (Daly to Montreal and Montreal to Baker) and Leroy Grant Drive (John Counter Boulevard to Third Avenue).
  • Replace 44 kV switching at Municipal Substation No 9 in City Central.
  • Replace electrical equipment in transformer vault at Princess and Wellington Streets.
  • Add electric circuit to the pole line between John Counter Boulevard and Third Avenue.
  • Replace cable on Macdonnell Street (Brock to Johnson).

For more information, contact Utilities Kingston customer service, Monday to Friday, from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. by calling 613-546-0000.

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