Re-Visiting the Memorial Centre as the Site for a New Secondary School

Memorial Centre, Secondary School, Kingston, OntarioNew concept plans (shown above) depicting a secondary school on the Memorial Centre grounds may differ from those previously produced by ZAS Architects for the Limestone District School Board, but they’ve managed to reignite the conversation and controversy about where Kingston’s future consolidated super-school should be built.  The plans were released through a new website that strongly supports the idea of using land surrounding the Memorial Centre for Kingston’s new secondary school.

In February of this year, Kingston City Council voted 9-3 to not re-open discussion about the Memorial Centre as a potential site for the new high school.  The city’s previous council voted similarly.  The motion passed in February listed several reasons in support of their decision including the amount of money that was spent to revitalize the park, as well as the lack of green space in the Williamsville and Kingscourt-Strathcona.  Since its multimillion dollar revitalization, The Memorial Centre grounds have become an important neighbourhood gathering space for dog walkers, runners, families looking to cool off on a hot day, baseball, soccer and even cricket players.  And don’t forget the ever-growing farmers’ market that has made the M-Centre a weekend destination for many.

Earlier this month, The Limestone District School Board purchased the Kingscourt Branch of the Kingston Public Library with plans to use the land located next to QECVI as the site for the new school.  The Limestone District School Board has not weighed in on this most recent development, and in all likelihood they will probably remain tight lipped.  Considering the twists and turns that have brought us to this point, and city council’s insistence of keeping the subject closed, this week’s poll asks:

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What do you think of the new vision for a school on the grounds of the Memorial Centre?  If you are opposed to the M-Centre grounds as a potential site, do these plans make you reconsider your position?  Why should or shouldn’t we re-open this conversation?

Photo credit to Memorial Secondary.

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4 thoughts on “Re-Visiting the Memorial Centre as the Site for a New Secondary School

  • No matter which way you look at it the m-centre could be better used given such central location. During the week days there are a few users but not very many relative to the massive size of the property. A school will bring more family oriented life to the area and make better use of the site with what looks like more green space to boot. For the four days a year the barns are used, the land could serve a better community purpose on a daily basis with a school.. Dont worry the farmers market will grow and more community programming will improve the neighbourhood. The city could also take parkland at qecvi as part of the deal.

  • It's supposed to be a location between the 2 old schools. NOT A NEW SCHOOL NEXT TO QECVI!!!!!!!!!!

  • The problem is that the area near the m-center is becoming University student housing. Families are being pushed out.

    A high school is useful in a family oriented neighborhood. What a great location QECVI area is, with both the elementary and high school on the same plot of land.

    I went to a school system in Agincourt, Ontario back in the 70's that had the elementary, junior high and high school on the same land. The benefits of being in a school system like that was immense to what we have now. I noticed the difference when I move here in 1978.

    Keeping schools in areas that are surrounded with family neighborhoods means the kids from the surrounding neighborhoods won't need to be bussed, saves money. The kids that went to KCVI, their parents can drive them like they have been in the past or use the bus (high school students get free bus passes for city bus). That area is all student housing, so none to very little families living there.

    And hey, LCVI is still there and last I heard it was a good school that prepared their students for university learning.

  • The new school project is already underway, planning and preparatory work has already been carried out and paid for – money has already been spent … to scrap it and start again would be a waste.

    The original objections to the Memorial Centre site also included the lack of adequate parking and the impact on the surrounding streets …

    Wherever you put it will be more or less convenient for someone and the site that is already being built is just fine ..
    this campaign is a self interested lobby driven by businesses that think they will benefit financially from the Memorial Centre site being used

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