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While we managed to squeeze in the final post from our Best of 2009 review on New Year’s Day, today’s post is technically Kingstonist’s first of 2010.  One of the most interesting tidbits I came across over the holidays was the Canadian Travel Commission’s new series of video advertisements for the Limestone City.  I should clarify that Kingston was not singled out, rather we are one of many communities getting the YouTube treatment.  The online video ads profile various businesses, personalities and locations that are unique to Kingston, ranging from le Chien Noir to the Kingston Glass Studio and Gallery and Fort Henry.  While the videos are very professional looking, I couldn’t help but wonder if this is the best Kingston has to offer? aBy that I mean, are the featured locations interesting, and different enough to honestly attract more tourists to Kingston?

After you hit the play button on a few of the videos below, please sound off with your initial thoughts.  Was the Kingston nightlife video a joke?  What locations would you have featured instead? Will these videos give a jolt to Kingston’s economy?

The Fort Henry National Historic Site is located in Kingston, Ontario. Recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, it is a popular attraction for both local residents and tourists alike. Explore Fort Henry, and the numerous activities available on site — including historical reenactments of military drills, and collaborative performances with the United States Marine Corps (USMC) Silent Drill Platoon.

The Thousand Islands Cruise is a popular attraction in Kingston, Ontario. Join Cruise Director, Ulysses Reeve, on a group tour through the islands.

Kingston, Ontario boasts a strong artist community, with a wide variety of shops, galleries and studios. Join Alexi Hunter on a tour of Kingston Glass Studio and Gallery — a popular store and open studio, where he demonstrates the art of glassblowing.

Join Beare Weatherup, owner of the Frontenac Inn in Kingston, Ontario. Originally built as a Bank of Montreal branch in 1845, this building features a rich sense of history that has been maintained throughout its recent renovations.

Le Chien Noir is a celebrated French bistro in Kingston, Ontario. Located steps from the city’s historic Market Square, it features contemporary cuisine served in a relaxed, stylish atmosphere. Join Head Chef, Derek MacGregor, as he discusses the area’s rich selection of local wines and fresh ingredients — all of which he references for inspiration when putting together new menu items.

Kingston, Ontario boasts a popular nightlife and social scene. Join local residents, as they explore the wide array of bars, lounges, pubs and restaurants in the area.

Again, please take some time to offer your thoughts below.

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9 thoughts on “New Kingston Tourism Videos

  • Oh, that was a little heart breaking seeing the Nightlife video. The video on the dancefloor was shot at Joy which closed fairly recently. So sad.

    When I see these videos, I am interested in knowing who they are marketing to. I initially thought they were advertising to young 20/early 30 something people. Do you get that feeling too? But after seeing all the videos, maybe what I’m feeling is a freshness. A new move toward advertising Kingston. It’s a less pushy approach like those I’ve seen before. I’m pleased.

  • I enjoyed the videos. Pleasant an upbeat messages after putting up with so many pessimistic kingstonians on the whig.

    “it’s like Mardi gras every day”. hah.

    I think this summer I will check out the fort henry shows.

  • I think it’s nice that Kingston is getting some promotion in this way. The video for the cruises is particularly nice, and something I would definitely like to treat my family to.

    I do take issue with Old Fort Henry’s RIDICULOUS ticket prices, though! For my family of four (our two children are between 3-12), a summer visit will cost us $40…$60 if we want to visit the sunset ceremony.

    This past summer we visited Upper Canada Village with similar ticket prices and much more to do and see, particularly for the young. Even Canada’s Wonderland (perhaps not comparable, since it’s not historical, but at least is a full day) is less than double Old Fort Henry’s ticket prices…I just can’t see going there.

    The nightlife video? Very cute. Kingston certainly does have a lot to offer in the way of nightlife, almost all within walking distance from place to place, which is a major plus. Not sure if it was the filming, or just difficult to get a decent shot of a laser lit dance floor, but the scenes around 22secs seemed a bit “three guys threw together a bar.” The people there certainly look happy enough!

  • The biggest disappointment of the bunch was the Kingston night life video. While I am not opposed to showing off what we have to offer in that respect, I don’t think they picked the right time of year to film that segment. By the looks of the dance floor, they either filmed this thing at 2 in the afternoon, or likely, during the summer when all the students were gone. In any case, I don’t imagine too many people will be put off by it.

    The other funny moment came during the Beare Weatherup interview, where he stated that the K-Rock Centre has “turned out great”. While I’ve tried to stay optimistic about this project, my patience dwindles with each and every “we’re losing money” report that surfaces.

    I really enjoy le Chien Noir, and found that video the most interesting of the bunch. It’s really cool to hear from the guy who decides their menu, and great that they embrace local produce/meats as much as they do.

  • These videos make me want to move away from Kingston. If this is the best we have to offer we are in trouble.

  • ‘While I’m not opposed to showing off what we have to offer’…. the only person showing off what they had to offer was the girl in that video. If we are truly pushing these videos to draw people here, we shouldn’t be wasting our time interviewing people who say that MYBAR is one of the most happening places in town.

    The 1000 islands video left a lot to desire. There should have been more shots of the scenery, waterfronts, etc. I sure wouldn’t be sold to sit on a boat for 4hrs to look at some of the cottages they showed in that video.

    Fort Henry… where’s the goat? How could the make a video about Fort Henry and not include the mascot? A shot of Kingston/RMC/Lake Ontario might have given the viewer an idea of what the setting is like. From that video you really don’t get any idea of where the fort is in relation to the city, and what it looks like.

    These videos seem like a waste of money. More videos with unique aspects of Kingston should be pushed… everyone has bars and restaurants… why not focus on more local stuff like the glass blowing, or perhaps show the market instead of just a talking head mentioning how great it is.

    These videos may look decent, but they are lacking in any sort of substance.

  • I thought the Chien Noir video was by far the best. I learned a few things watching it. I thought the night life video was sort of sad. The girls in it looked….less than tasteful, and the dance floors were kind of pathetic. Why didn’t they go to places like The Mansion or the Merchant to show some of the great live music we are known for and a place where people who aren’t students hang out? Where is the mention of our symphony and the many other shows that take place at the Grand Theatre? Not to mention all the great artist run music series, dance parties like Soul Shakedown and the fun shows put on at the Artel? And where is the mention of all of our summer festivals?

  • Kingston doesn’t really offer anything too unique in the way of nightlife. The same typical British/Celtic themed pubs, a couple of small and uninteresting nightclubs, and a few sports bars. Go to any city the same size, and you will find the same.

    Better to focus on things that are unique to the city, show clips of the blues fest, buskers rendezvous, movies in the square, music at that park across from city hall, the poker runs, etc. Things that most other cities don’t offer, or can’t offer.

    Nightlife, if you must show anything, then focus on the restaurants and pubs, while stating that the hub offers dance venues. I liked the idea of stating that everything is within walking distance. There must be 50 or more restaurants on lower Princess and its vicinity. Inside that same area there are a good 15-20 pubs/clubs/bars to go to afterwards. For such a small city, and such a very small area, that is something unique. In most other cities, things are much more spread out, and you can’t hop between places without a cab. That’s the main thing I love about downtown and our “nightlife”.

    I enjoyed watching the videos though. They were very professional in their presentation and some offered great info that even many locals won’t know. It would be cool to see a video promoting shopping in downtown Kingston also. Again, not many small cities have great downtown shopping areas like ours.

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