Napanee flag ‘poll’ up for discussion

The Town of Greater Napanee is asking the public’s opinion on the location for community flag raisings as part of an update to the current Flag Raisings and Public Proclamations Policy.

When asked why the town had decided to make this effort at this time, the Town of Greater Napanee communications department responded with a broad comment.

“We are looking at expanding our Flag Raisings and Public Proclamations Policy to further support community events. We are encouraging the Greater Napanee community to vote on a location for community flag raisings to gather feedback as we update our current policy. Voting is open until Friday, January 21. Please visit Let’s Talk Greater Napanee at to cast your vote,” the Town said in an email.

It is worth noting that a request for ‘visible and accessible placement’ for the Napanee Pride flag was not supported by Council in June 2021, nor for three years prior. Instead, the Town of Greater Napanee has designated one community flagpole at the North Fredericksburgh Lifestyle Centre/Sports Complex, which is a ten-minute drive from Town Hall, in the countryside.

In 2020, Council moved Resolution 285/20, “providing direction to staff on the North Fredericksburg location,” to be the official flag and proclamation location, stating that the North Fredericksburg Hall provided “suitable parking.”

When reached for comment, Greater Napanee Mayor, Marg Isbester said, “[A new site for the flag raising] is something that this council wants to be done before the end of this term… I think we should have as many flags in as many places as absolutely possible, it’s a very, very easy way to show the things that we’re interested in, the things that we support, and patriotism alone.”

For years, she explained, there have been many discussions about making updates to the Town Hall, and possibly moving the town offices to one central location. That has put the installation of a new flag pole or poles — which can cost around $500 each — at the site on hold, Mayor Isbester said, noting, “It’s got nothing to do with any one group.”

The locations on the survey include Market Square, North Fredericksburg Lifestyle Centre, and the Strathcona Paper Centre. There is also an opportunity for residents to make a suggestion of another preferred location. Residents can have their say by visiting Let’s Talk Greater Napanee. Voting closes on Friday, Jan. 21, 2022.

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