Mother-daughter duo arrested after violent attack in west-end parking lot

Photo by First Response Media.

Two Kingston women, a mother and daughter, have been arrested and charged after a violent attack in the Rio Can Centre parking lot.

On Wednesday, Oct. 31, 2018, the pair located the victim as she was exiting a store on Gardiners Road at approximately 12 p.m. Both of the assailants were unknown to the victim, but they were apparently angry with her over a previous collision, which the mother and daughter somehow considered to have been caused by the victim.

The mother got into the victim’s space and began yelling, according to a press release from Kingston Police. During an ensuing fight, the mother punched the victim in the face, smashed her head into a vehicle, dragged her on the ground, and continued punching her. With the victim on the ground, the daughter joined in the attack, punching the victim and ripping her pants.

Nearby witnesses intervened to stop the attack, and called 911.

The accused mother and daughter were arrested, taken to Kingston Police Headquarters, and later released on conditions with a further court date. The mother, a 48-year-old, and the daughter, an 18-year-old, are both charged with assault.

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