More ‘threat to life’ notices issued at Belle Park encampment

Photo via the City of Kingston.

Three immediate threat to life (ITL) notices were issued at Belle Park over the past week and a half, according to the City of Kingston.

In a media release, dated Wednesday, Mar. 27, 2024, the City stated that Kingston Fire & Rescue, exercising powers under section 15 of the Fire Protection and Prevention Act, issued the notices on March 18, 22, and 26.

Under the Act, fire inspectors who believe a risk of fire poses an immediate threat to life have the authority to enter on land or premises and remove anything that may constitute a fire menace or take any action urgently required to remove or reduce the threat to life. 

According to the release, the notices were issued as follows:

  • On March 18, an ITL was issued for the removal of two propane cylinders, an unattended outdoor fire in an appliance and a burnt cutting board with hand sanitizer, which was being used as fuel. 
  • On March 22, three individuals were transported to hospital for suspected carbon monoxide poisoning. This cause was determined to be an aluminum garbage can filled with coals, that was being used as a source of heat for individuals inside the tent. Kingstonist coverage of this instance can be found here.
  • On March 26, an ITL was issued for the removal of the tent, as fire officials say the fire risks and dangerous behaviours have increased and now become a “fire menace.” 

While on site today, Wednesday, Mar. 27, fire inspectors observed a fire in a pail in direct contact with a combustible tent. According to the release, the fire was extinguished, and no one was present at the time of the fire. Additionally, several candles were found inside the tent and evidence of charring was present on bedding.

“Fire safety and prevention are essential to keeping people and property safe. We’re doing everything possible to stay ahead of any more serious events such as the situation we had on Friday night,” said Ted Posadowski, Chief Fire Prevention Officer. 

“Earlier this week, two people died after a fire in a tent in Saint John, New Brunswick. We’re taking these risks very seriously and are doing everything we can to prevent a tragedy.” 

The City noted that support services, including storage options for belongings, shelter space and transportation are available for anyone affected by the recent fires and ITL notices.

Last week, the City of Kingston addressed the sudden prevalence of Fire Prevention officers at the encampment and subsequent issuing of ITL notices.

Kingstonist has not been able to verify the City’s accounts of these incidents with those at the encampment by time of publication.

2 thoughts on “More ‘threat to life’ notices issued at Belle Park encampment

  • We must consider our first responders . We have building codes for a reason, and ignoring them for your own convenience is not acceptable. Unsafe heating might be OK for a day or even a week, but eventually there will be more loss of life and property.
    Just because someone chooses to not use the public facilities available to them is no reason to jeapordize others’ lives.
    Exposing first responders to a situation where someone is allowed to contravene (laws or building codes) and then asking them to risk their lives when the expected occurs is unreasonable. Very hard on each person on the first responding team.
    I know this is a complicated issue.
    There was a time in my life when i would have thought myself rich to have a tent to sleep in:: but my right. To live as i choose ends when my actions contravene our social contract and expose others to danger.

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