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Kingston, Ontario photosBack in May, we announced our most recent contest where we asked our readers to help to make Kingstonist faster, stronger, and better.  About two weeks ago we sorted through all of the fantastic suggestions, and in the end we decided that geotagging was something we needed to do more of, immediately.  Although our library of 74 videos on YouTube were already properly goetagged, 453 blog posts, and 1,225 photos on Flickr were aimlessly blowing in the wind with no known address.  Regarding the latter, thankfully Flickr made things easy.  That said, easy is a relative term when you’re trying to remember the exact geographic location of 1,225 photographs taken around the Limestone City over the past year and half.  Needless to say I didn’t tag them all, but I managed to come up with a location for well over 1,000 of our photos. I guess that’s why today’s post is being published so late in the evening.  In any case, it gives me great pleasure to unveil our updated Flickr stream, which displays geotagged images via their handy map.  I should also mention that I’ve also done some preliminary testing of a few geotagging plugins for the main blog section, however I’ve yet to find a perfect solution.  If anyone has experience with a feature-rich, easy-to-use geotagging plugin for WordPress, I’d appreciate some advice.

Harvey Kirkpatrick

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