Military vehicles mobilizing from CFB Kingston to CFB Borden for Operation LASER

CAF support to Op LASER. Photo credit: Canadian Armed Forces

A large number of military vehicles can be expected on the roads between CFB Kingston and CFB Borden as military personnel begin an exercise in support of Operation LASER on Monday June 1, 2020.

Operation LASER is the Canadian Armed Forces’ response to a worldwide pandemic situation, and activated in response to COVID-19.

Canadian Armed Forces members from Canadian Forces Joint Operational Support Group (CFJOSG) will conduct a road move from CFB Kingston to CFB Borden. In Borden, the members will establish a Relocatable Temporary Camp (RTC) to exercise their ability to rapidly assemble a temporary camp capable of housing 250 people in a pandemic setting. The public is advised that vehicles will carry tentage, generators, ablutions, cots/furniture, and kitchens. 

The Department of National Defence asks drivers and pedestrians to remain patient and show their support to the troops on the road as the soldiers make their way to Borden.

Following the activation of phase 3 of Operation LASER, 1st Canadian Division Headquarters, a high-readiness, rapid-response unit based out of Kingston, was assigned as Joint Task Force-LASER (JTF-LR).

From mid-March to mid-May, JTF-LR was responsible for the coordination and command of all domestic operations related to Operation LASER and played a critical role in the CAF response to COVID-19 by implementing and monitoring force health protection measures that preserve CAF operational capabilities, and responding to and acting on requests for assistance from             other government departments and agencies.

As of May 13, 2020, these functions have been assumed by the Canadian Joint Operations Command, headquartered in Ottawa, Ontario.

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