Mayor Responds to 2015 Ontario Budget

Yesterday the Ontario government released the 2015 budget, providing a blueprint of how provincial dollars will be spent in the years to come. The budget outlined a series of items that could be important for the Kingston community, including transportation and infrastructure spending.

“I am encouraged to see funds allocated for transportation and infrastructure identified in today’s budget,” said Mayor Bryan Paterson. “Although a great deal of the discussion has been surrounding funding for the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area, the priorities of our community require a commitment from the province to ensure we can continue to invest in infrastructure that will move our community forward. I look forward to continuing to work with the province as a partner in realizing our priorities.”

Of the more than $130 billion over 10 years for public infrastructure, announced last year, the budget presented yesterday by Minister of Finance Charles Sousa allocates $11.9 billion in 2015-2016 for infrastructure such as roads, bridges, public transit, water systems, hospitals and schools. Also included is $16 billion for transportation and other priority infrastructure outside of the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area.

Additional highlights from the 2015 provincial budget include:

  • An additional $250 million over two years for the Ontario Youth Jobs Strategy.
  • Increased funding for the 10-year, $2.5 billion Jobs and Prosperity Fund to partner with more businesses, enhance productivity, increase innovation, grow exports and create jobs.

Council recently identified our priorities for this term, which are: creating a smart economy, investing in infrastructure, planning a liveable city, greening the city, advancing a vibrant waterfront and fostering open government. In the coming days we will be looking into this budget in more detail to better define how the measures can support our local priorities.

Media contact: For more information contact Christina Thomson, Assistant to the Mayor, 623-546-4291 ext. 1405.

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