Marketing For Good trade show moves online

Advertising and Marketing Communications students from St. Lawrence College. Image provided by SLC.

Every year, Advertising and Marketing Communications students from St. Lawrence College create a trade show to benefit charities, and provide real world marketing experience.

Despite the restrictions presented by Covid-19, the three-hour live trade show, called Marketing for Good, will take place this year, in an online format. A group of senior students at St. Lawrence College are working hard to support these charities during this tough time by helping raise awareness and funds for them.

Student Sonia Mortensen, who is representing Friends of Lemoine Point, says, “The trade show is a great opportunity for us as students to use marketing for good and support causes we are passionate about in the community.”

Bismah Ayub, Marketing Coordinator for the Marketing for Good Charity Trade Show, adds, “If we were not in a pandemic the trade show would run in person at St. Lawrence College and we would have physical booths with games and prizes for people to come and enjoy. But due to the pandemic we moved it online. Typically, only people at the college would get access to the trade show as well, but since it is online anyone can attend it.”

The students are finding innovative ways to bring the usual in-person event into the virtual space, according to a media release, dated Monday, Nov. 16, 2020. Rather than focus on the challenges brought on by the pandemic, students are expanding their trade show on an online platform to have an even greater impact in the community.

“With the trade show this year people register online and then attend online,” Ayub continued. “We have a page with hosts who will talk about the charities and what is happening at each ‘booth’ and then each charity will have its own page where people can click through to interact with them and play fun games, earn prizes, and learn more about the charities and what it is they do. The pages for the charities will act as their ‘booths’ which they have designed themselves!”

On Thursday, Nov. 26, 2020, virtual doors will open for the live online trade show at 11 a.m. EST. Registration is open now. Register at

Marketing for Good is a student run event. The trade show supports a variety of charities and looks to bring the community together to use marketing for good.

“This is assigned as a class project,” Ayub concluded, “and will contribute to our final grade for that class, but for us it is something much bigger than that. It is an opportunity to do something unique on our own that benefits the causes that matter to us.”

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