Spending March Break in Kingston

March BreakStudents, teachers and vacationing parents are taking time off this week to enjoy pursuits that are far and away from the classroom. March Break is officially upon us! If you’ve got school-aged children, part of the challenge this week is programming entertainment for the kids that does not involve an X-Box 360, iPod, hanging out at the mall, or shelling out oodles of dough for short-lived thrills.  In a centre the size of Kingston, there are many options ranging from week-long camps to afternoon workshops, exploring a museum and so on, but is there really enough to do locally?  Accordingly, this week’s poll asks:

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I grew up in a household where one parent worked and the other, a school teacher, got to spend March Break chasing after us.  Oftentimes we ventured to Toronto to play in the Museums, or hit the slopes in Quebec. There was also a bit of work involved over the week as well, as we would help clean up the yard, take the cover off of the pool, and whatever else needed to be done.  It’s not as though the attractions in Kingston weren’t good enough, however there was never anything really special going on in the city that we risked missing out on.  Staying and playing locally over the March Break is certainly the preferred option for many, but there are lots of other options out there.  Where did/do you go for March Break? What activities or attractions do you wish Kingston could incorporate into this week to satisfy both parents and kids?

Thanks to Paradox 56 for today’s photo.

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