Man reaches for knife during arrest

Photo by First Response Media.

Consuming alcohol in public led to a tense situation for a local man and a local police officer in the early morning hours of Thursday, Jul. 26, 2018.

At approximately 4:15 a.m., a patrol officer observed the accused male consuming alcohol in public in the area of Victoria and South Bartlett Street, just north of Princess Street. The officer was familiar with the accused man, and aware that he was on conditions not to consume alcohol, according to Kingston Police.

The officer confronted the man, and observed a knife in his waistband. The accused grabbed the knife and began pulling it out, and the officer was forced to draw his firearm.

The accused was arrested without further incident, and, during a search, was found to be in possession of two more knives, as well as a break and enter tool and an unopened can of alcohol.

The 37-year-old Kingston man was charged with possession of a weapon dangerous to the public, carrying a concealed weapon, possession of a break-in tool, and four counts of breach of probation.

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