Man arrested for impaired driving after collision with hydro box

A collision on Woodhaven Drive caused a short power outage in the surrounding area on Thursday, Apr. 23, 2020. Submitted photo.

Kingston police have arrested a man after a collision in the city’s west end resulted in a short power outage in the area.

The collision took place on Thursday, Apr. 23, 2020 at approximately 8:55 a.m., when the accused man’s vehicle left the roadway on Woodhaven Drive, striking an electricity box on a lawn and coming to a rest across the driveways of two residences. Kingston Police responded to the scene and found that the driver was under the influence of alcohol. The man was subsequently arrested and taken to Kingston Police Headquarters, where he refused to provide breath samples. The man was later released on conditions with a future court date. His driver’s licence was automatically suspended for 90 days, and he will face a minimum one-year suspension if convicted. The vehicle was seized and impounded, and the accused man will be responsible for all related fees and fines.

The 26-year-old Kingston man was changed with impaired operation of a conveyance (vehicle) and failing to provide a breath sample.

As a result of the collision, some residents in the area experienced a power outage for a short period of time. Others in the area reported flickering power around the time of the collision.

Kingston Police Officers speak with local residents and witnesses after a driver left the roadway, striking a hydro box on Thursday, Apr. 23, 2020. Submitted photo.
The hydro box damaged as the result of the collision. Submitted photo.
A Utilities Kingston worker makes notes following an impaired driver colliding with a hydro box on Woodhaven Drive. Submitted photo.
The van came to rest between a parked vehicle and a small hydro box, narrowly missing both. Submitted photo.

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