Local youth arrested after violently attacking his father

Photo by First Response Media.

A Kingston teenager is facing six charges following an alcohol-fuelled rage targeted at his father that resulted in serious injuries.

On Thursday, Jun. 28, 2019 at approximately 6:45 a.m., the accused male teen arrived to his downtown residence with the female victim and two other friends. The accused teen had been drinking heavily, according to police, and he became enraged when his father, the male victim, asked for his friends to leave, as they were being loud and had just woke him from sleep.

The accused teen then attacked his father with a weapon similar to brass knuckles, and then proceeded to choke his father, indicating several times that he was going to kill him. The female victim struck the accused teen several times with a stick in an attempt to stop him from beating his father.

Police were contacted and, upon arrival, located the male victim on the street with serious injuries to his head. The victim was transported to Kingston General Hospital by Frontenac Paramedics.

The ensuing investigation found that the accused teen had threatened a neighbour, and that he had assaulted the female victim when she attempted to intervene on his attacks towards his father. The accused teen had fled the area prior to police arrival.

The accused teen was later located at 8:17 a.m. on Russell Street. According to Kingston Police, the accused teen was covered in blood at the time, and his clothing was ripped. The accused teen was transported to Kingston General Hospital to have his injuries addressed, and was then transported to Kingston Police Headquarters, where he was held to attend a bail hearing. The 16-year-old local male youth was charged with aggravated assault, assault, assault with a weapon, possession of a weapon dangerous to public peace, possession of a prohibited weapon, and uttering threats.

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  • It sounds like this kid’s violent behavior will only continue and possibly murder someone in the future unless something major is done.

    • This is the result of sparing the rod and lack of respect or morals just a spoiled little brat who needs to be put inside and let the range invoke some values and morals before he asks screws to put up the gate so he can checkin

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