Local RN offers early parenthood support and education as The Mama Coach

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Photo by Olivia Lattimore.

Welcoming a baby to the family is cause for celebration, but adjusting to caring for a new tiny person is often difficult and sometimes downright scary.

When you bring home your first bundle of joy, everyone is so happy and excited for you and your family. But once those well-meaning friends and family go home, you’re left with a baby that you may not be comfortable caring for without support.

Stephanie Cote is The Mama Coach, providing support to families. Photo by Olivia Lattimore.

Stephanie Cote has made it her business to provide that much-needed support to families — from prenatal care through to families with small children. As a wife, mother, and Registered Nurse (RN), she launched her business The Mama Coach with the aim to alleviate stress and anxiety in parenthood, promote a sense of well-being, and encourage sleep.

We all know how hard it is to get a good night’s sleep with a brand new baby. Cote has designed support packages specifically for sleep, as well as newborn support and infant feeding (because a well-fed baby is more likely to sleep longer and better!).

Families who have worked with Cote can’t say enough good things. From her excellent availability and support — even at 2 a.m.! — to her professional and efficient nature, families report success, regardless of the service they used.

The sleep package is for families with children from 3 months to 5 years, and provides a feeding assessment and personalized sleep plan.

“Stephanie helped us sleep train our 4-month-old baby and she was amazing!! We went from rocking and shushing him to sleep for about 30 minutes, to him falling asleep on his own in his crib without fussing. He was waking up 6+ times a night and after two weeks of Stephanie’s help, he’s now only waking up once at 3 a.m. for a feed and going right back to sleep,” shared one happy mom.

“Stephanie was so welcoming and accommodating, allowing us to decide what we felt comfortable with as we didn’t want to let him cry for long at all. We can’t recommend her enough!”

A personalized sleep plan is one of the ways The Mama Coach helps new parents. Photo by Olivia Lattimore.

Cote’s newborn support package tackles common issues such as fussy babies, feeding, and sleep. She also provides education that families may not have been provided with at the hospital or through a family physician — Things like normal newborn behaviour and conditions, bathing, and “normal” milestones. Eating and sleeping patterns can also be addressed in this package.

“I utilized Steph’s Newborn Package for seven weeks, and am I ever glad to have made that investment! I felt comfortable with her from our first initial phone call, she is warm and knowledgeable, and was continually professional and always efficient in answering my questions,” another mom testified.

“I had some difficulty breastfeeding at first and Steph was hands on in her approach and quickly sorted me out. As a new first-time mom I HIGHLY recommend Steph’s Mama Coach services! It gave me peace of mind to have a real life mama/ nurse/ lactation consultant supporting me, rather than just googling everything; as Steph’s responses, advice and care are based on research and evidence.”

Other services Cote provides include prenatal classes, breast and bottle feeding support, infant and child CPR and choking classes, and potty training support.

Details can be found on her website, under the ‘How I Can Help’ tab.

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