Local man facing over 20 charges after fleeing police on foot

Among the items seized from the accused were a 9mm Glock, suspected fentanyl and suspected crystal methamphetamine. Image via Kingston Police.

Thanks to the observational powers and fleet feet of two Kingston Police officers, a local 23-year-old man is in custody and facing a total of 24 charges after he ran from a vehicle stop and was found to be in possession of a loaded handgun, purple fentanyl and more.

At approximately 11 a.m. on Saturday, Jan. 15, 2022, near the area of Montreal and Railway Streets, two uniform patrol officers stopped a local taxi for a Highway Traffic Act purpose, also observing there was a male passenger inside. According to a release from Kingston Police, once stopped on Railway Street near Patrick Street the male, known by police and later identified as Joshua Brandon Mundell, fled on foot.

The officers pursued Mundell onto the property of the residential complex at 375 Patrick Street where, police said, they were able to close distance. Once they approached and attempted to gain control of Mundell, the officers noticed he was trying to access a fanny pack strapped around his chest and was also reaching into his waistband. While he resisted arrest officers were able to successfully bring him under control and handcuff him, according to the release.

Upon being searched the officers located a loaded 9mm Glock handgun inside the fanny pack. Police said that they also searched around the area of his waist and located 77 grams of suspected fentanyl and 2.5 grams of suspected crystal methamphetamine.

Returning to the taxi, police discovered that Mundell had left a satchel inside the vehicle when fleeing. According to the release it was also seized and discovered to contain body armour similar to what police use, $760 in Canadian currency, and two cell phones.

Police said that Mundell was on three separate weapons prohibitions, two of them indefinite, for prior assault convictions between 2019 and 2021 to not possess any firearms or ammunition. He was also on probation since December 2021 with conditions that included not being in possession of any weapons.

As a result of the arrest, investigation, seizures and past prohibitions and conditions, Mundell was held overnight to attend a bail hearing the following day where a total of 24 Criminal Code and Control Drugs and Substances Act (CDSA) offences were sworn before the Justice of the Peace. Mundell was remanded into custody to re-attend court on a future date.

His charges are:

  • Resist arrest
  • Weapons dangerous x 2
  • Carrying a concealed weapon x 2
  • Possession for the purpose of trafficking (fentanyl and crystal methamphetamine) x 2
  • Possession of stolen property under $5,000
  • Breach of probation x 2
  • Possession of a weapon while prohibited x 3
  • Possession of ammunition while prohibited x 3
  • Other firearms and ammunition offences (licensing, storage, classification) x 8

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