Local man bites mother, attempts to kick and bite police officers

Photo by First Response Media.

A 24-year-old Kingston man was arrested and charged after a violent altercation between him and his mother required police response.

On Thursday, Sept. 20, 2018, the man returned home from school, allegedly intoxicated, according to a press release from Kingston Police. When his mother confronted him, the son began throwing items around the house, and a physical altercation ensued between the mother and son. During the altercation, the son attacked his mother, “viciously biting her on the nose and ear,” Kingston Police said.

When the man’s father came upstairs and called police, the altercation ended, however, upon police arrival, the man pushed his mother into the bathtub and then violently fought with responding officers, attempting to kick and bite them. He continued to fight as additional officers responded, and had to be physically forced into the cruiser, police said.

The man was arrested and is charged with assault causing bodily hard, and assaulting police with the intent to resist arrest.

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