Local filmmaker brings ‘Who’s Yer Father?’ to the Kingston Canadian Film Festival

Who’s Yer Father poster. Image via Jeremy Larter.

Who’s Yer Father?, written and directed by local filmmaker, Jeremy Larter, is one of the 30 feature films playing at the Kingston Canadian Film Festival (KCFF) this year. Larter, born and raised in West Covehead, Prince Edward Island (PEI), now lives in Cherry Valley, Prince Edward County.

Larter describes the film as “a comedy caper about a private investigator named Larry Constable who… gets hired to investigate black market lobster sales by a seafood tycoon. When he goes… to work the case, he meets Rhonda Perry, a convenience store owner. When Larry and Rhonda meet, they become entangled with each other, fall in love, and have a wild PEI summer romance.”.

The film’s setting and characters were heavily influenced by Larter’s life growing up in Prince Edward Island. Larter cites his father as an influence for the main character, Larry. His father makes a cameo in the film, as do Larter’s wife and son.

“Over half of the locations are within a five- to 10-minute drive from where [I] grew up in PEI,” Larter said.

In Who’s Yer Father? Chris Locke (left) plays Larry Constable, and Susan Kent plays Rhonda Perry. Image via Jeremy Larter.

The title of the film, Who’s Yer Father?, refers to a commonly asked question in PEI, a place where everybody has a connection with each other. The film is a mix of screwball comedy and film noir, two genres that seem quite different, but actually, as Larter explained, have a lot in common.

“Screwball comedy and film noir came about around the same time in the 30s and 40s… and there are overlaps in the type of characters, especially the female characters… that can be very headstrong… and kind of pulling the man along,” he said.

“[They] both can have very convoluted, wild plots where you’re meeting lots of different people in different strata of society.”

Although heavily influenced by Larter’s life in PEI, the film has some County influences, as well. Larter said he sees a lot of similarities between Prince Edward Island and Prince Edward County, describing it as “the most maritime place… in Ontario.” The love story in the film was influenced by Larter’s own county-based love story, as he spent lots of time in the county in the initial stages of his relationship with his now wife.

Chris Locke (left) as Larry Constable and Susan Kent as Rhonda Perry in Who’s Yer Father?, which will screened at the KCFF. Image via Jeremy Larter.

Who’s Yer Father? is Larter’s first film to be screened at KCFF and will be his first experience at the festival altogether.

“I’ve heard really great things about the Kingston Canadian Film Festival from a lot of filmmakers,” he explained.

“A festival that celebrates Canadian film is really incredible.”

Larter will be doing a Q&A after each screening of the film. He’s excited to bring PEI stories across Canada and “become more part of the art scene in the County and… Kingston.”

“There’s a lot of filmmakers in Kingston… and a great filmmaking community, which I didn’t know originally, so I want to become part of that bigger community,” he expressed.

Larter has a few written projects in development, including one that takes place in the county. As Who’s Yer Father? demonstrates, he takes a lot of inspiration from his surroundings — some of which local film-goers will be very familiar with!

The Kingston Canadian Film Festival runs from Wednesday, Feb. 28 to Sunday, Mar. 3, 2024. Who’s Yer Father? will be playing at the Screening Room on Friday, Mar. 1 at 7 p.m. and Saturday, Mar. 2, at 10 a.m. More information on the film, as well as details and events as part of the festival itself, visit the Kingston Canadian Film Festival website.

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